One n’Evermore

Night is Day and Day is Knight
Right is Left and Wrong is Right
Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair
And the Earth is in the Air

Light is Dark and d’Arc is Light
Straight is Crooked, Queer’s Upright
In the Gutter lies the Crown
And we’re hanging Upside Down

Still thy Heart and fix thy Wheel
Nothing is forever Real
Wind the Reel and drown the Skies
And forever Nothing dies

Fairy Queen shines bright and gay
In the merry month of May
Blink thy eyes and click thy heels
Bear the wound that never heals

Hope lies hidden in your fears
Like the Salt within your Tears
In the Crossing Rivers dive
Drink their poison and survive

And remember when you think
You have seen and done it all
That the highest place you reach
Is the place from which you fall

All is One and One is None
Two is Three and Tree is One
One and Two and Three and Four
Equal One n’Evermore.


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