Cheaper for You

Easier for Us

Better for Everyone!

You get a BIG discount!

Fiat payment processors charge fees, which are usually passed on to the customer in the form of product price increase. They are also implementing increasingly strict and privacy-abusive practices. Both You and Us can avoid the middleman fees and any other corporate infringements.

Pay with Bitcoin or Monero, and enjoy an ADDITIONAL 25% Discount on ALL purchases. This additional discount applies even if you are purchasing one of our already discounted Bundles! This Website is all about LIBERATION, and it is our Intent to encourage more free and direct peer-to-peer exchanges of perceived value.


Decentralized payment networks improve your anonymity. If you want to remain anonymous on our website, we will respect your wish and will assist you to remain anonymous by offering you to pay with Bitcoin or Monero.

Peer to Peer

It’s a direct connection between You and Us. No intermediaries, no middleman. Direct connections bring the parties closer together in their exchange of value.