What is the secret fire

This Seminar distills the Essence from the heavy baggage of spiritual & esoteric teachings, providing Simplicity and Clarity on the Path to Liberation.

The Inception, Design and Mechanics of our Reality Construct are described in a Coherent Model that will assist you to gradually hack your way towards Complete Liberation.

A word of caution: If you are holding on to any fixed dogmas or pre-conceived notions, religious or otherwise, then this Seminar is most likely not for you, as it may shake your foundations and deeply challenge your comfort zone. Also, if you're looking for the 'secrets of alchemy' handed to you on a plate, this is not the place. However:

The Secret Fire may save you lifetimes of searches and studies on your Path to Liberation.

The Secret Fire is an event happening on many levels.

It gives answers, it gives depth, it gives direction, it gives purpose, it gives meaning. It gives you a perspective to sift through the informational garbage and not feel lost in a world of illusion. The Secret Fire will take you as far as you dare to go.


Pure, real, and very subtle energy...

...that only a true magician can bring. It is much more than knowledge, it is a unique and self-intimate experience! This webinar cannot be explained, it's like The Matrix - you just have to experience it for yourself, especially if you want to exit! ;) Huge thanks to you all - Andro, Adam, and Algis!!!


This was one in a life-time experience for me!

This is my first webinar with House Lorian, so it was my first more personal experience and impression of Andro.. no matter that I am following you guys from maybe 7-8 years. It was so exciting to feel the energy of Andro and the way he delivers all this valuable information, the way he explains things so clearly and simply.. just awesome!!
I know many things changed inside my head during all those days, when I was watching the Secret Fire. Others just 'clicked'..and it was wow effect ☺. There is so much more information to chew so to say (for myself).. that I will for sure watch it many more times! ☺ Big Thank You to all of you - Andro, Algis and Adam! You are unique and amazing team! ❤

Lu D.

Technical Info Chart

  28 Video Lessons

  Total Length - 25h 30m

  English Subtitles (manually selectable)

  Questions & Replies  - ask any question

  Glossary of unique terms mentioned in ALL our Seminars

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1

  • Introduction & Core Principles of the Seminar
  • Thus Was The World Created - How our Dream Reality Construct comes into being.
  • Telos - What truly drives us, and towards what?

Chapter 2

  • Let There Be Light - The Act of Creation (Genesis of the Construct).
  • The Axis & The Engine of the World - What powers our Reality?
  • The Food Chain - Demystifying Higher-Selves, Demiurges, Gods, Demigods, Humans, Demonic Creatures and other Species inhabiting our Reality Construct.

Chapter 3

  • The Mirror Plane - Understanding the Concepts of Counterspace & Negentropy.
  • Creation in Ancient Symbolism - Learning to decode Reality through Symbols.
  • Universal Paths & Individual Applications - Realizing how to walk your own Path.

Chapter 4

  • Fallacies of Modern Spirituality - How to recognize and avoid common "spiritual" traps.
  • Via Negativa - Eliminating what is NOT useful to your Path.
  • Shmumbles - Clearing your mind of useless thought-forms.

Chapter 5

  • The “Other” Entity - The 2nd "Creator" in our Reality Construct.
  • Hybrids - What purpose does hybridization serve?
  • Practices: Alchemy & Peripheral Vision - A glimpse into Alchemy & the FUNDAMENTAL Practice of Peripheral Vision.

Chapter 6

  • Why Midgard? - Our Realm is the optimal place for Liberation.
  • Jedi Mindfucks - Powerful tools to fine-tune your mind.
  • Liberation: The Post-Mortem Path - What to do when you drop dead.
  • Liberation: Common Traditional Paths - What are they getting "Right" and what are they simply "Not Getting"?

Chapter 7

  • A Truly Liberated Being - Who or WHAT is that?
  • Liberation: The Hacker’s Path - A Unique Liberation Pathway discovered by Andro.
  • The Hidden Telos - Solving the Paradox of Infinity & Finality.

Chapter 8

  • Mundane Practices - What you can do to increase your Lucidity.
  • Dietary Practices & Alchemy - Demystifying Dietary Dogmas & grading Food-Stuffs by their Negentropic Charge.
  • Lucidity & Alchemical Practices - Lucidity practices and some basic alchemy experiments.

Chapter 9

  • Implants, Chakras & NPCs - Recognizing the Control Systems operating in our Reality.
  • The Solution Is Dissolution - Dissolving the Control Systems within you.
  • Closing Circle & The Final Piece Of The Puzzle - How all of it comes together.

This Seminar is UN-equally Theoretical, because it is even more PRACTICAL.

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The secret Fire

Discover Reality. Transcend it.


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The Secret Fire - The most profound, in-depth description of Reality we ever came across. But don't take our word for it, here is what our participants had to say.   

Watch More Secret Fire Testimonials


"I've been through a lot of courses, read a lot of books, but I really felt that I came away with something that not only changed how I'm thinking about the world, but something I can use, like right now!"

"The whole organization, the professionalism, all the energy that you invested - it's really amazing. I'm really out of words. I'm speechless."

"I feel like I've been waiting for this seminar, so long. Maybe, my whole life."

"The stuff here, that you shared, the content was extremely, extremely quality and unique stuff. That would save a person many, many years of reading and research."

"In my opinion, you're a really dedicated teacher. I wish I met you 20 years ago."

"I feel very, very privileged that you shared this information with us. For me it was, literally, everything that I've ever wanted to know."

"Thank you! This was absolutely fucking awesome. This was probably the best thing, that I've had in my life!"

"Andro, you're amazing! You have this ability to deliver things, very simply. I really like how you connected the dots for me."

"I really enjoyed this seminar. I can really appreciate the way you guys put it all together into one coherent whole. I'm just really grateful."

"When I saw the curriculum of this seminar, I thought, my god, no one is able to cover all these topics in one seminar only. It is like for many lives. But it was so surprisingly easy going, like a puzzle."

"I want to thank you for the simple way, in which you present this difficult matter. For me, it means that it really comes from the bottom of your heart and that you understand it."

Common Questions

“How did it all come to be? What is it for? How does it function? Who’s ‘running the show?’ What lies beyond this construct?”

These are some of the questions that so many of us share in regards to our perceived Reality, otherwise known as; Life.

In The Secret Fire, we are presenting you with a model that not only addresses these questions on a philosophical level, but also provides you with practical tools and methods for attaining greater Lucidity on your Journey to True Liberation.

In addition to the Theoretical part that maps our Reality in great detail, several Practices, such as Peripheral Vision, Mind Tuning techniques and Alchemy are presented for you to study and use.

That is entirely up to you. You can view it as a curiosity, dismiss it out of hand or apply it to the best of your ability and see where it leads you.

The beauty of the model presented in The Secret Fire is in its inherent simplicity and its ability to transcend any specific point of view, be it Mythology, Religion or Science.

It is based on logical reasoning combined with personal observations and various direct experiences -  Out of Body Experiences, Lucid Dreams, Shamanic Journeys, that were collected over the span of more than three decades of research.

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The Secret Fire

Discover Reality. Transcend it.


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Andro - Shaman, Alchemist & Spell-Caster

Andro has dedicated his life to the research and practice of the Esoteric Sciences. Initiated by Life, he explored the Out-Of-Body phenomenon, Lucid Dreaming, various Shamanic Healing practices, Hermetic KnowledgeSpell CastingAlchemy and the quintessence of The Path of Return or Liberation.

Over the past 3 decades he taught seminars and workshops, each of which are unique, never-to-be-repeated-again, full of Grace, Spontaneity and Emotional & Intellectual Brilliance.

We are blessed to have captured some of these seminars on camera in great quality, making them now available to a wider, worldwide audience.

Read more about Andro's Teachings

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The Secret Fire
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