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Shamanic Vision


It’s so pure, in it’s purest form, that it somehow made us all pure! And made us all go back to who we truly are. I’m really grateful to the three of you!

The main thing is the realization that I can do it. I can be Magic. I am Magic. It’s not just a fantasy or a daydreaming. You actually start not to believe, but to EXPERIENCE it!

I’m very grateful to Andro, because he showed us a completely new world, beyond our imagination!

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The Secret Fire

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The Secret Fire


I feel like I’ve been waiting for this seminar, so long. Maybe, my whole life.

I’ve been through a lot of courses, read a lot of books, but I really felt that I came away with something that not only changed how I’m thinking about the world, but something I can use, like right now!

The whole organization, the professionalism, all the energy that you invested – it’s really amazing. I’m really out of words. I’m speechless.

Andro, you’re amazing! You have this ability to deliver things, very simply. I really like how you connected the dots for me.

Thank you, Andro. In my opinion, you’re a really dedicated teacher. I wish I met you 20 years ago.

The stuff here, that you shared, the content was extremely, extremely quality and unique stuff. That would save a person many, many years of reading and research.

When I saw the curriculum of this seminar, I thought, my god, no one is able to cover all these topics in one seminar only. It is like for many lives. But it was so surprisingly easy going, like a puzzle.

I want to thank you for the simple way, in which you present this difficult matter. For me, it means that it really comes from the bottom of your heart and that you understand it.

I can really appreciate the way you guys put it all together into one coherent whole. I’m just really grateful.

I feel very, very privileged that you shared this information with us. For me it was, literally, everything that I’ve ever wanted to know.

Thank you! That was absolutely fucking awesome. This was probably the best thing that I’ve had in my life!

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The door to Magick is open, invite yourself in!

About Enter Now



Honestly, at this point, I don’t care what seminar you’re going to make next, Andro, like, if it’s about shit, I will be there. I’m all in!

I’m very new to all this, and I really am totally impressed by what you guys provided in this webinar.

Every encounter with you is truly amazing, and your hacks are just the best. Thank you!

I would like to thank you, Algis, and Adam. I’m very happy that I participated in this webinar. Now I will start to do Spells for me.

We all, participating in this course, are in a way divinely guided, if I can use this term. I believe that each and every one will benefit from this course.

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Shamanic Journeys

Testimonials received over the course of 20+ years of Shamanic Work.


If the universe has somehow redirected you here, then sooner or later you’re bound to initiate contact with this (I dare you to think of a proper adjective to insert here after your own adventure with him, as to this day I still can’t find one) man!

Especially, if you’ve reached the point where you can no longer put up with certain burdens, whether they are physical or mental or both, where being stuck is just not an option anymore, and if you realize that we all sometimes need a gentle nudge or a nice kick to help us get rolling again, then go ahead!

That is exactly what I asked of Andro and that is exactly what he did for me, plus taking me to a whole different realm of existence 😉 It’s now 2 months after our Journey, but since that moment I’ve been on a steady path of self-mastery and I must say again thank you Andro, as I absolutely love the healing process you started and I highly appreciate your wonderful work.

Now, I won’t bore you with the details of my personal story here, but I want to tell you that if you do decide to experience Andro, you must be ready to literally kiss your current mindset goodbye 😉

What will have you speechless for a long time, is Andro’s phenomenal ability to scan your whole being! Yes, the whole thing! You won’t be able to keep your secrets from him and when he applies accuracy and precision beyond comprehension, you will surrender.

For he will very kindly and gently show you all of you! All the best and the very worst of the universe called You (whatever your own definition of worst is and its respective physical manifestation/s). You will have to rise to the challenge to discover that you are all of it, to accept it, allow it and live it.

Fear not – he’s the warmest being, even when he delivers a cold blow…

So, if you’re willing to undergo a massive change and embark on a new way of life, then make no mistake – Andro is your man!

PS: My precious pain processor is up and running and doing its magic, resulting in me leaking whenever and wherever necessary, not to mention that there’s no sign of my physical pain!

Thank you for doing what you do and see you in the summer!

R. Y. – Bulgaria, 2018

In a few words, I am different, I am more of truth.

Whoever decides to have that experience, I can only say he will let himself be shaken. It is something incredibly magical.

My change did not only help me feel good with myself, but also also helped to have better relationships with my family and with people in general. I am happier, more smiling, more confident in myself. I face and see life in another way. It is something that is difficult to explain with words, but you feel like every day something good happens inside you, you feel liberated.

Andro is a wonderful person, who with his smile and his way of speaking is already changing you. He helps you see things as they are. It’s a great job that he does, but also everyone has to listen to his advice. Between the Shamanic Journey and his advice, it is an unforgettable, magical experience that I’m sure I will repeat.

I recommend the Shamanic Journey to 100%, after seeing how my life has only changed for the better. Good things have not stopped happening. I also believe that this is because I change, I release and now I see things as they are. I know and enjoy life, my family and friends, and most of all I am at peace with myself.

Before the Journey, I was always looking for something and I was never happy with myself. This is not the case anymore.

Thanks Andro for making the Journey for me. You have changed my life!

K.D. – Spain, 2018

Hi Andro,

Just wanted to tell you that I already feel much better and the world has a lot more color ? Thank you for the conversation last Sunday – talking with you helped.

I feel my soul is healing, I don’t fully understand how this works yet, but I am so grateful it does. I’ve been looking for a solution for so long and tried so many things to help myself, but things were only changing partially and on the surface.
It was just that every once in a while there was this feeling of endless sadness and despair and desire to scream from inside that reminded me that something is very wrong – but then things continued as usual and I kept existing.

More is changing in me in the last few months after starting the journeys than it has in years. What you do is amazing – and you are truly amazing, thank you for your time and for your warmth and understanding. You really help.

S.Z. – Germany, 2018

and I was thinking that this feeling couldn’t get any more powerful than it was… but now, after my second Journey, I understand that there was more to it.

My second Shamanic Journey was deeper and brought me magical gifts that I did not expect at all. After the Journey, I still have a quiet and calm inner state, and I started to notice a new ability to feel what people are expressing beyond the words that they pronounce.

Now I feel like a kid in a candy shop, expecting my third journey after 3 months, and I have no expectations at all about what I will receive from the magic through Andro, but I know it will be good and just on time for my personality.

Thank you Andro for your being, and see you soon!

V.P. – Bulgaria, 2018


I just wanted to let you know that I’m much better. In the beginning the changes were subtle, now they are unmistakable. I am, after 15 years of trying everything under the sun to get myself back, finally seeing results. I’m alive now and still trying to get my head around it. Words can’t describe it.
Thanks a lot. I owe you one. 
G.G. – Berlin, Germany, 2017

Meeting Andro was a life inspiring and reviving experience for me. After the Journey, I found my inner peace, calmness and clarity. I am no longer in a rush to do things and every obstacle seems easier to overcome. Thank you, Andro for giving me the right tools and direction in my journey! Looking forward to seeing you again!

T. N. – London, UK, 2017

Right after the journey, when I woke up, I felt everything will be different. My body was at ease, something very heavy was lifted from my shoulders and from around my body.

I have had asthma and polyps and difficulties with breathing since I was a teenager, let’s say for about 25 years now. Every morning, especially when it is cold, first thing in the morning I need is a bunch of napkins. Now, after the Journey, the use of napkins is reduced approximately with 60-70%.

My breathing is a lot better now, and the polyps do not torture me like before. My body, particularly the hands and the neck, are much more mobile. My chest does not hurt so much and I can take deeper air.

And – there is the tiny fine little spot inside of me, from where flows a feeling that I was searching for thousands of years ?

Andro, I appreciate your pure and honest way of what you are doing, your precision and accuracy. I also thank myself for not giving up, even though sometimes it was all far beyond my understandings.

A door for me to the Magic world is opened. I am deeply grateful.

Looking forward for next shamanic journeys ? And for the next seminars ?

E.T. – Bulgaria, 2017

After the Journey, I felt more open in my feelings and more free in conversation. The words come easy, and feelings as well. I feel change every day, as I am more positive and settled.

Even though I felt exhausted right after the Journey, now I feel that I am more stable. The change is not only in my internal feelings, but also in improvement of my health (gout).

Thank you Andro for this quantum leap!

M.A. – Bulgaria, 2017

The first thing that I`ve noticed, during the day after the Journey, was the way I was breathing. Before that, it was very difficult for me to take a good, deep breath – and now this weight in the chest was gone and I was breathing easily and free!
The second change, after two days, was in my eyes! Since a long, long time I was seeing everything like trough a fog. My eyes were very cloudy and even my consciousness was cloudy and disoriented. On this second day, while I was putting on my make-up, I saw that my eyes were different, they were brilliant, shiny and alive!
The third change, entirely unexpected – and the most tremendous change, was in my blood-sugar levels!!! I`m a diabetic with a type1 Diabetes. This is an autoimmune disease, which is incurable according to the official medicine! And now, a week after the Journey with Andro, my needs of insulin shots have dropped to 50%, without any changes in my diet! Wow, what can I tell – I`m totally speechless!!!
It`s a kind of magic.
A kind of magic.
One dream, one soul,
One prize,one goal.
One golden glance of what should be.
It`s a kind of magic.
I totally agree with the statement that Shaman – this is a Holy man!
Great thanks to you Andro, and I`m going to keep the Magic with me!
I.G. – Bulgaria, 2017

I started enjoying more the simple, little things from my everyday life, like the smell of my espresso cup in the morning or the cloud in the sky. I started having dreams that I can remember and consciously control. I want to thank Andro for being very personable and for making this happen. Thank you!

Best wishes and looking forward to the follow-up journeys!


C.K. – Chicago, USA, 2017

Hello friends, I want to share with you my feelings after the Shamanic Journey I did with Andro.
The first feeling I woke up with after the Journey, was that everything seemed to me somewhat brighter and I had a feeling of lightness in my body. Shortly after, I noticed that my breathing was lighter and easier too.
Now, it is much easier to stop my inner dialogue. My inner voice no longer sounds like an unhappy teacher, but as a friend with whom I have common goals. For the first time in my life, I feel love for myself, and it’s also much easier for me to make decisions and live up to for them.
This is just the beginning, and I have the feeling that the best things are yet to happen.
Thank you Andro!
Y.D. – Bergen, Norway, 2017

Through journeying, you gave me clear and concise direction with a remarkable ease of flow, without obstacles. Amazing!

I appreciate your integrity and I feel the strength in your methods. Your work comes from such a pure place, I left our session with a peace and thankfulness for you and your help.

I would highly recommend you to anyone on the spiritual path of self-awareness. Hopefully, our paths will cross again (on a good occasion)!

Warm regards, 

S. T. – Prague, Czech Republic, 2017

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Hello Andro,

Thank you for healing my heart, soul and mind. You turned my miserable life into a miracle. My heart can feel love and pain, joy and sadness. My eyes are illuminated by beauty. I feel like an actor, a dancer, a musician and a poet. My body and soul can feel the rhythm and dance of life. I also started to control my body more freely.
I understand that what you have done is like fixing a watch and I highly appreciate it.
As a soul I feel funny, cool, intelligent and AMAZED by what I experience. Also,
sometimes I feel like a light creature that can make great things just with intention. I can make connections between physics, art, law and the universe. I mean, we all are particles that interact between each other and exchange energy.
I feel more connected with my sister, colleagues and people around me. For me, to feel the spirit in their eyes is something great. Generally, I begin to feel that I can really connect with life and with people.
I am also interested if there will be seminars next year in Bulgaria. I am interested mostly because I started to sense the fine worlds or airy worlds.
I was so surprised by the results, you just deserve more money. I will book another journey, but I don`t know when it will be.
Once again, thank you! 
N.M. – Bulgaria, 2017

After the Journey, everything was amazing and I felt much better.

I used to have a lot of health problems with my reproductive organs and I guessed they were due to some blockages on the mental and emotional level. I also had a serious surgery on my hip joint, which was hurting me very often.

Several days after the journey the cyst which I had in my ovary was gone, the hip joint didn’t hurt me at all, even after a hard workout.

I am now feeling great as a whole and would like to thank Andro so much for this experience.

I. A. – Bulgaria, 2017


The day after the Shamanic Journey:

Last night, during the time of the Journey, I felt something like an “explosion from inside” (area of the chest), which woke me up  and which spread out throughout the body. It turned out that (so Andro explained) layers of my personality were getting more and more superimposed (like overlapping “tectonic plates”), and he made “a spiritual chiropractic intervention” from the inside out, to set  things right. It will take some time for everything to be in its right place, but I already feel the effects, which surprises me.

I was at unease to get asleep after the conversation with Andro – he “forces” you in some way out from your comfortable zone and makes you look at yourself straightly, no sugar talk, real talk (but with sweetness and understanding). By the way, he is a very nice and warm person. He told me something which I really appreciated: “It is not my fucking business (your problems), it’s your fucking business, (so get yourself up, do something)”. Revelation from a sage. There was so much power in that sentence, which struck me. The very next day I already felt the differences. For the first time from so many years, I made a conversation without stuttering, without tension. Damn, it feels good! Now the situation is getting better and better.


Two weeks after the Shamanic Journey:

After the Journey I was (am) in a sort of “transitional no man’s land”. The self-destructing thoughts are gone (if they come I can detect them and throw thеm away successfully). I am in a state of calmness which I want to be permanent. Now the big thing: I have been stuttering since I was 2 years old and the situation was getting worse and worse. Today (two weeks after the Journey), I had to do a presentation and I spoke like 30 minutes almost without stuttering. I don’t know how to express it, but for me is like a new way of living. There are moments (more and more) when I don’t stutter at all.

I still remember what Andro told me “We’re going to write a new story for you”. It WORKS. I’m participating in a miracle.

E.B. – Lausanne, Switzerland, 2017

I had a serious problem. I felt uncomfortable. I had heavy emotional traumas inflicted by very close people to me throughout my life, and as a result I began to block the lower part of my body and I was difficult to move. I felt an inexplicable pain in my soul. For years I woke up restless for no apparent reason, and felt internal tension and tightening – in my body and in my soul.

On the night of the Shamanic Journey, I felt a strong tightening in my chest and I could not sleep almost all night. I fell asleep early in the morning. The next day after the Journey, in our conversation, Andro described in detail some things I had experienced in my life, however I didn’t tell him anything in advance. The following night was also heavy, but better than the night before, as if somebody was re-assembling something in me. Finally, on the third morning, I woke up with a wonderful feeling, released. Since then, I feel like that! That inexplicable pain in my soul disappeared!

Just the words “Thank you” are not enough for that what Andro did! Andro, I’m so happy that I met you!

M.C. – Bulgaria, 2017

Andro set me on a path that I have been looking for my whole life. Although it was always right in front of me, I was unable to reach it. Andro and his work were the catalyst for an enormous change that has given me the liberty and power to finally become who I was meant to be. I am eternally grateful to have crossed paths with him.
K.K. – London, UK, 2017

I used to walk a few paths with no “heart” and I left them behind. One day, at an exact timing, I found out about Andro’s Shamanic Journeys and I knew with all my being that I needed that experience.

After talking with Andro on Skype, I went to bed at around 21:15 but sleep didn’t come, so I decided as usual to start practicing stopping my inner dialog, something I usually do before sleep.

Probably around 30 minutes had passed and I felt an unusual fleetness where the solar plexus is, and I felt like I’m in the air, above my body. I never had an OBE before, despite the fact that I wanted to have.

I turned to the left and I saw Andro as a shadow without flesh and blood but I recognized him. I can’t explain how, I just knew that this was Andro. He was at my bedroom door, about 20-30 cm above the floor. I felt that he was smiling at me and in that very moment I heard him (but not with my ears): Ha ha, nooo, it will be easier for me to work with you if you stay here in your body. “Telling” me this, he gently guided me back to my body. I felt a warm energy, then I went into a deep sleep.   

More things happened during the night of the Journey, that I will keep private.

I finally woke up with a message for me and a chorus from a song, which I wrote on paper. Later, during the after-talk with Andro, I saw how it it fitted perfectly with what he had done and advised me. I also realized that I managed to “wake up in my dream”. This never happened to me before, and we didn’t even speak about this in our first talk either.

Andro also advised me that I should start playing an instrument and that music and melody are my vocations, which explained why all my life I always had some song or melody in my head, no matter if I’m sad or happy or even angry, there is always a melody.

I will not write all the details here of what happened in the Journey (it’s personal), but I can say that my live changed in one night only. I’m more concentrated, more energetic, more sure that I’m on my path, more whole than ever, and more than everything in love with the magic.

As I told a friend of mine, there is no description to fit to Andro’s skills and personality, that word is not yet discovered, so Andro can be described only with A n d r o ‼

Thank you so much that you made me whole again, and looking forward to my next journey!

V.P. – Bulgaria, 2017

He removed some blockages for me on the mental and emotional levels. One of them he described as a physical obstruction sticking out of my left arm that he took out. What struck me was that I felt a strong, sudden pinch in my left arm exactly at the location he described the night of the journey.

The next morning, my daughter, who is 10, woke up very cheerful and emotionally described to me that she woke up in the middle of the night and saw a very bright light above the door in her bedroom. She knew that was somebody or something who was asking her permission to “come to me” and “do something good to me”. She entrusted “the light” and gave her permission, then she felt happy and returned back to sleep.

A week after the Journey, I slowly start peeling off the layers that were preventing me from seeing my true self. I have carried this baggage for quite some time and it feels relieving to begin coming back, thanks to Andro. But I have miles to go yet… and looking forward to it!

V.K. – Chicago, USA, 2017

After the Shamanic Journey, I immediately didn’t feel the same. A huge stone was lifted from me, the cage is gone and I’m able to breathe again. Colors are brighter, my mind is calm, and my entire body feels more natural. It is as if I’ve been reborn.

People have met me on the street and said I look different in a very positive way. It has only been two days since the Journey and very interesting things are already happening. I cannot thank Andro enough for this exceptional experience and for literally changing my life.

E.I. – Bulgaria, 2017

I’ve had a very strong fatigue for more than 10 years and I had no idea how it can be cured. The standard medicine could not help me solve this problem… So, I looked for some unconventional cure and life led me to know Andro.

After just a single Shamanic Journey, I immediately began to feel much more fresh and energetic and there was no sign of the strong tiredness I had for years. Moreover, my generalized anxiety lessened too.

Andro’s work with my inner world brought great relief to me. I can definitively recommend him to you, if you also wish some relief for your life!

T.G. – Köln, Germany, 2017

Last week Andro did a Shamanic Journey for me and I can share what changes I have observed since then.

Before the journey, I had been feeling a high degree of empathy and my focus was towards the others, suppressing my own needs in favor of the others. Well, maybe this is not too bad if everyone acts like that, but the reality is different. I guess that was the main reason for the internal, suppressed anger I had been feeling.

I have also had some tendency to seek for approval from several people I value, suppressing my internal impulse for action that comes from my internal voice. 

Already since the first day after the journey, I started feeling “unusual” for me. The need for seeking approval from the others was gone. I cannot describe it with words – the feeling is very interesting – it seems like somebody did a surgery and cut the approval seeking part from my brain.

The first days after the journey (till yesterday) I have been feeling some emptiness in my head, lack of anxiousness and lack of plans.

I have also noticed that my empathy levels became very low. My focus has changed towards myself instead of towards others. I have started being more “selfish”.

I guess all that is part of the re-calibrating process for myself, because today I find my empathy is starting to return, but in a healthy degree for me. I am not so selfish as during the past couple of days. In the same time, the recently resurfaced consideration of my own internal needs persists.

I also notice that my internal, suppressed anger is gone, which is amazing.

Now I interact with the others with a different perspective – I stay internally calm, I take it as a game and the communication is more fruitful and easy.

I am excited about the results until now and I am looking forward to see what additional improvements will happen after the Shamanic Journey.

Thank you for the help, Andro!

L.P. – Bulgaria, 2017

I wake up every morning to discover that something has changed for the better. I feel lighter and more centered. I can think and process information a lot more clearly. Old fears have disappeared. Memories of negative experiences are now drained out of their toxic charge and their recalling no longer induces an emotional reaction. I am finally able to recognize harmful patterns in my life, trace their roots and start neutralizing them. I have inspiration. The barrier between thought and action is now lifted – I am surprised to find myself immediately applying things I only had intellectual understanding of before. It feels like being able to access and experience at once the condensed results of years and years of practice and therapy! And it’s only been one week since my first journey… can’t wait to see what happens next. Thank you, Andro, for your magic and healing! Till the next journey…

S.Z. – Germany, 2017

This time, removing layers of my old personality, it helped revealing my true Self – and now, freed from this burden, I continue: reborn, with a transformed perception of the world and of myself.

To find a true shaman took more than 20 years of searching, which is now complete. Thanks to Andro and his professionalism, we will continue to successfully build my new Self.

A.P. – Bulgaria, 2017

His sense of humor is remarkable. After our first conversation, I realized I wasn’t living. I was literally a “zombie” but he managed to wake me up and helped me to feel a live human being. I started to truly enjoy my life. He gave me cool exercises to do, like learning to play guitar, attend dance lessons and a few more things to do. For me, they work VERY GOOD and I enjoy doing them.

The synchronicities which happened to me after the conversations were unbelievable. Together we fixed my issues. The stress and fears vanished. I don’t think about my problems anymore. His assistance is priceless. He encourages you to find your inner strength, passions and desires. Now I’m a new person with a better and richer perception of the world. I notice things I didn’t notice before.

Before the Journey and conversations with him, I was having problems with creativity, perception and expressing emotions. My facial expression was like a “zombie” and now, after the Journey, I can feel the life in my face, my facial expressions are enriched. I adore observing the world around me, but I wasn’t expecting that kind of change. I see proportions, colors, shapes and I say to myself – WOW – it’s so beautiful and it’s still one week after the Journey. I was blind all my life until now. These moments of change have special place in my heart.

Andro shows your own mistakes, things you can’t notice and how to fix them. His words are very accurate. He listens to what you say VERY carefully.

A Shamanic Journey with Andro can be life-changing in a very good direction.

N.M. – Bulgaria, 2017

I have been a soul in transit for the past one year, making my way from one space to another, from one job to another, from one spiritual level to another. All this accompanied by a fear of acting. A spiritually conscious and aware person and yet, all that fear?! 

  1. Looking to heal the fear, I was directed to Andro trough another website which made quite an impressive presentation of him. 

(Yes, I googled him, not too much info. He is truly a unique, “hermetic” being, you find only him if you need to find him). 

  1. I, the skeptic, started with a consultation first, and the way we jokingly addressed each other at this first meeting, already carried a clue about future events. (Little did I know!)

Andro used an awesome new technique (and no, I didn’t feel as a guinea pig, since he had already practiced it on few other people before me :))

The technique had an instant, very powerful positive effect on me!!! I said to myself, I am ready to dive into the Journey!

This service is designed to take care of your soul needs before and after the Journey, and a one-week-after follow-up, which makes 3 sessions! You receive instructions and a detailed description of the Shamanic Journey. This is seriously deep! Funny, but you do nothing while Andro travels for your Soul Retrieval.  Well, not exactly nothing. Your Soul or your Spirit Guides go “hand in hand” with the Shaman.

  1. Now we are at the Pre-Journey point. Andro is a very skilled shaman and with a seemingly very casual introduction, I suddenly found myself facing a “mirror” where I had been playing the game of “Fake it until you make it!” – with my own words, my own beliefs – with my back to the wall! The moment of truth! (Cross out this cliché!). I had to get out of my comfort zone, use a conscious language, free of programming, out of my inflated ego, out of the mind-controlled habitual routines. 

And yet – he is caring, open minded, good looking (no labels, please!) and walks you out of the woods, he may even hold your hand if you ask so.

(Please be aware of Labels/Concepts. These are not welcome in his sessions, and Andro will make you have an honest look at yourself.) 

Now is the moment to testify that the way he dismissed my “experience”, made me uncomfortable to continue working with him. But, well, I had already stuck my nose in, I would get pinched, and then “n’evermore” again. 

(Little did I know!)

All the usual Pre-Journey considerations made – don’t drink, don’t drug, don’t meditate, don’t have expectations, and off we go!

  1. Midnight. I woke up as I felt something hitting my head twice, then the tension and a headache. (Repairs!) I opened my eyes – both literally and metaphorically. Voilà! The veil was gone! And so was the headache. I read other people’s testimonials, yes, it is true – seeing the world with new eyes, however ,every Journey is unique. Compared to the person talking to Andro the day before, I was now connected to myself. Andro is a fantastic soul healer (sorry, labels again…) – although he is humble enough to call it “repairs”. But here comes the very magical part of the Shamanic Journey – he not only repaired the malfunctioning soul parts, he also reconnected me with my Soul Net! We had the exact same vision of what happened when we “compared the notes”. I knew most of my life there was a gap, deep inside, never aware of the real nature of it!

Andro showed up and delivered the message I was now ready to receive! Isn’t that something!

And again, he said he didn’t do anything, that I guided him, etc… Well, let it be known, you are doing a great Job! Keep doing what you’re doing! (not a label, please do not un-label it). 

  1. This is the last synchronicity, so far. Since 2016 I have known about a major spiritual event that will take place next month. I know in person the director of the event, but because of my relocation, hard to reach place of the venue, and other changes, I thought I couldn’t go.

Now, after the Soul Retrieval journey with Andro, things may line up!  (Little do I know, right?) 

It’s re-connection time! Woo-Hoo!


Dear Andro,

It’s been couple of days after you looked into the pain in the legs. The vision proved beneficial – all additional joint, muscle and nerve pain gone, and there’s an improvement in my normal pain level (I mean it is lower now). Free moves, that’s the result! 

Thank you much for using your great healing (or if you prefer, repairing) capabilities! 
They haven’t stopped to amaze me! It looks like piece of cake, surely a sign of an expert “plumber”.

I.S. – New York, USA, 2017

– but this time fixed, complete, shiny and like new. A passage between a broken and distorted reality, stuck between two dimensions, we finally understood the reasons for so many blockages that we had since birth, and how to continue our lives being who we are meant to be, achieving happiness and success.

Because of Andro’s great work for us, and as a great “detective” and “fixer”, we would definitely like to continue meeting him for more journeys in the future.

A.K. and A.P. – Bulgaria, 2017

I contacted Andro for a shamanic journey at a moment in my life when I was feeling much confusion, desperation and anxiety.

After the journey and the follow-up conversations I feel calm, empowered, hopeful, and in much better connection with my intuition. My dreams became more vivid and revealing. It is now easier to observe and identify certain aspects of my psyche that require more attention.

Thank you, Andro! You gave me a much-needed nudge to get myself out of the fog that I am roaming in. Your work definitely resonates with my understanding of how a true shaman should behave. Your integrity and no-bullshit-straight-to-the-point approach are greatly appreciated ?

Tony G. – Bulgaria, 2017

Around 6 months after my first Shamanic Journey, I decided to ask Andro for another one. An irrepressible need to give a boost to my spiritual path. The first Journey did the job very well, but the second was even better.
During the Journey, Andro told me that he arrived in an environment where was my “true mother”, my “etheric” mother.
She first said that the male line that I came from was under the yoke of “the curse of the half-man”. It means that in exchange of some benefits, the price was to never have an identity that is fixed and unified. She then healed me from that “curse” on the etheric plane, with some magical sap (she was in a forest), and explained to Andro how to also heal it on the physical plane.
She then offered me a kind of “pouch”, via Andro, for which “I would know what it is all about”. And it did it well. In the following days, I’ve been starting to think about some very specific investment ideas. It is a bit early but I can already tell that it is a success.
The Journey and Andro’s advice brought me a lot of good. It has been several weeks now, and I can observe signs that can’t be mistaken: much less fear, more love and a very pleasant feeling of powerful presence.
I am already looking forward for the third Journey!
S.V. – Belgium, 2017

I was in a constant anxiety with no particular reason. Nothing could bring rest, joy or sense to me. I heard a reliable person recommending Andro and tried the Journey.

The morning after the Journey, I somehow started to feel confidence and the ground returning under my feet.

In the 1st after-talk, Andro verbalized my feelings/state better than I could do, and revealed the root cause of my unrest, that I could not (or wished not to) consciously come to. He also described things done to put me on a stable ground, so I got a base to work on the root cause. It’s great to have a clear picture of what was hidden and a new future direction!

I got deeper and better sleep. I stopped doing unnecessary things which brought me nothing besides filling my time day and night.

Further I was explained unclear topics and gotten approaches to ease me in what I need to do myself.

I cannot think of alternative to achieve what was done by Andro. Quick, exact, efficient !

H.H. – Bulgaria, 2017

I met Andro during a time of big changes in my life. I have had some expectations in advance, but the result was beyond them.

During the night after the Journey I had a very strange dream and I would like to share a small part of it. In that dream, six men were trying to kill me. I managed to escape due to some illogical actions and magical abilities I didn’t suspect I had. When I woke up the next morning, I knew that something has happened during that dream but I wasn’t sure what. When I spoke with Andro, he explained to me that some sort of black magic is involved in my case and those men represented some entities that were trying to hold me back. I was also extremely astonished to hear that he saw some scenes and a predestination connected with a real events in my life. He told me that he managed to go very deep into my subconscious and to do all the necessary repairs.

Now I am looking at the positive changes that are unfolding before me. Due to a person who was part of my life I had lost my ability to dream. Now I have vivid dreams every night, and this is my natural state. During the week after the Journey, I had one of the happiest and memorable vacations in my life and I also got an appointment for a job interview! Now I am starting to feel the magic and the power that I am. The optimism is back again and I can sense that something deep inside of me has been brought back to life. I know that I have a lot of work to do in order to continue with the healing process, but I will enjoy it!

Dear Andro, you are a great storyteller and it is really inexpressible pleasure to talk to you! I can’t wait to see you in Bulgaria this summer!

With all my gratitude,

M.N. – Sofia, Bulgaria, 2017

It has given me an answer that I knew deeply inside but never dared to find. After the Journey, I’ve started to connect the dots and I’ve discovered an unknown part of myself which helps me to see another universe. If you want to go beyond your limitations and to empower yourself, Andro is the right guy for you.

Furthermore, he is a very charismatic person with a great sense of humor, so you are going to have a really, really good time with him!

V.G. – Paris, France, 2017

And because it is impossible to put all this in words, I want to tell you, Andro:

– Thank you for the Magic!
– Thank you for the gifts!
– Thank you for this new and amazing feeling!
– Thank you for the opportunity to dance with life in the Game!
– Thank you for the possibility for the little girl in me to have fun again!
– Thank you for the change!

K.G. – Zundert, The Netherlands, 2017

Request a Session with Andro

So, here I am, I managed to get here too. Now, I am not the average “looking for magic” person, but somehow the magic found me with Andro’s help.

I was a bit skeptical in the beginning and I didn’t expect anything, except maybe some weird guy trying to bully me out of my comfort zone and to make me feel better for a week or two. But to my surprise, Andro is a real shaman – and he is not even close to what I expected. He is providing a “not like the one in your local store” type of experience. At first, he appears very random in his questions and it almost seems like he has no interest in what you are answering, but then – BOOM, you somehow slow down and some sort of peaceful state of mind comes and takes over you. Time slows down as the talk progresses, and within an hour, Andro is hitting your top concerns. I felt a bit out of my place and at the same time exactly where I should be.

Our first talk was very challenging for me as I needed to express my fears, addictions and concerns. Everything was well measured by Andro. I got excited and I already felt better (yes, even after the single talk!). The next day he said he had completed the Journey and we had a chat about things that happened during that process. Just by hearing what he did and how he did it – memories from childhood started to return, things I had ignored for a lifetime came back to me and it was just as if you discover a whole new Universe.

Andro helped me understand some concepts that will help me live my life in more productive and meaningful ways, and he also never made me feel that my journey or myself are somehow pointless or not interesting or not important.

He then reconnects with you a couple of times, once after a week and then once more after a month, and he is helping you track down what improvements had occurred, as some of them you won’t even realize.

Now the main question – does this work? Yes, it works! I feel better – I can sense my healing process, I see and feel, unquestionably, that some things are just getting better exponentially, and the best thing is that now I know how this Magic works and I have access to it and I understand that I can play with it.

What I received was something I want to share with everyone I know, but I do understand that not everyone can go through such an experience and understand it the correct way. If you are looking for it and you have doubts, stop right there… You got yourself the right man!

T.T. – Torquay, Devon, UK, 2017

I guess such things happen at the right time, and it came. I didn’t have any expectations, but even if I had had them, surely they would have been surpassed, because it was not only the journey – the whole contact with Andro shifted my perception of reality to a higher level, and I was shown a whole new bunch of ways to understand and convey information, and, most of all, LISTEN. He was able to instantly teach me by example how to holistically approach ideas and topics from a perspective that is beyond duality, that I had never thought was possible before, to the extent that now paradoxes make sense to me. He was very straight to the point, truly direct, and extremely honest. All of this added to form a very profound connection with him that helped me get out of the haze of disorientation I had been in.
The effects of the journey are still unfolding now and I closely observe their development. What I instantly felt was increase of energy levels. After having had a technical conference at work, I usually crumbled down with no energy when I got back home. 2 days after the journey I had 3 conferences in a row for 8 hours, and I felt untouched, I was still very lively after they all passed. I feel lightly detached from what we call reality, which actually results in a more authentic experience of it.
What I can say is that Andro is very skilled and really knows what he does, I didn’t just see it and hear it – I felt it, and I understood it. And it changed me. I am holding on to this new sensation and hope it will become my natural state of being that acts as a foundation of my development, evolving in time to a deeper understanding of and returning to our true source.
Thank you, Andro, sincerely!
E.D. – Sofia, Bulgaria, 2017

My journey with Andro lasted as long as a new birth does. It turned out I had been living for 47 years without having authentic experiences, having seen and felt the world the way my mother, husband and friends did. However, the haze that had been surrounding me didn’t swallow me thoroughly. I had always had a vague longing that there was more to the world than this mud I had been drowning in and had been playing dramas in.

This longing led me to my meeting with Andro, and within only 48 hours, things about me started to change radically. I was given the rare opportunity to start writing my life anew, from the beginning, and live it the way my eyes see it. I was worried about my health, my career, my professional realization, but somehow I felt these are the least important things that were going to change. Having changed my thoughts’ direction was the biggest gift I could have received.

Thank you Andro! You helped me UN-learn so many things, and I have really forgotten my pain now. The world around me is now much more motley and colorful, and I want to enjoy it as much as I can.

D.N. – Bulgaria, 2017

Everything has a price.
And we all pay a price.

My experience with Andro?


A.U. – Canada, 2017

I saw erudition and spontaneity. Erudition distilled through experience and spontaneously presented during the session.

Y. V. – Bulgaria, 2017

Andro is a charismatic figure, possessing divinely conferred power, the Gift of Grace.

Y.T. – Bulgaria, 2017

and I started to perceive it with a new set of eyes. I can feel every vibration, color and flavor to which I didn’t pay attention before.
Up until the journey I wasn’t able to remember my dreams. That has now changed. I remember my experiences during night time and there were some dramatic dreams which have been very helpful for my path. After them I can fell myself much stronger, which helps me not to aimlessly “cycle” in this ugly “reality” that we’re all in.
The feeling that something is happening in your soul and the ability to perceive this dynamic is a unique sensation. Actually, the biggest contribution of Andro is his assistance which allowed me to understand my own “mistakes” and fight my fears.
Thank you Andro, we’ll see you soon in Bulgaria!
P.S. – This year I intend to become a millionaire and I’ll keep my promise to share 😉
A.G. – Bulgaria, 2017

After reading all posts in the website of Hermetic Vision I was already sure that I truly want to be guided through the Shamanic Journey. It turned out that it was one of the best approaches to reach that “hidden place within me”, which kept and was responsible for all the mental, emotional and physical problems I encountered, and yet it was quite difficult for me to get there consciously in order to reconnect and fix all the “missing parts” of the Soul and thus heal the Whole of me. Andro did the Journey for me and afterwards I was deeply touched by what he “found”, “saw” or “heard”, which helped me very much.

I have to confess that not only the Journey was a special “event” to me. Talking with Andro before the Journey, and especially the three conversations after it, enriched my days with a new perspective, new horizon and higher vibrations. And this is something much more than just a healing. It gives you the chance to expand your awareness to a new level. And this is amazing!

With good thoughts to you, Andro!

And with gratitude,

N.B. – Bulgaria, 2017

As a targeted individual and survivor of ritual abuse and trauma based mind control, I can say that Andro is a great healer and friend. He knows what is happening behind the curtain and certainly is not afraid to oppose advanced black magic. From being totally fractured and scared I ended up feeling whole again.This also comes from his understanding of non-ordinary experiences in the spiritual realms, something you cannot normally discuss with anybody else.

He gave me the confidence to trust my inner knowing and disregard what society is propagating. He has proven more than once that there is an objective spiritual reality by discovering on his own truths that were written in textbooks hundreds of years ago or concealed in secret lodges.

He can certainly help to lift the veil of deception that is surrounding you.

A.K. – Hamburg, Germany, 2017

What I was about to step into was hardly predictable nor expected. It was more a ‘death changing’ than a ‘life changing’ experience. It was something totally new as a perspective, for I rediscovered life through dying for who I was and what I was.

Firstly, I had a very deep transforming experience immediately the day after our last Skype talk. I died for who I was, for what I was – to say the least. I had never felt this before in my life. It was a feeling of urge that I MUST create – music, art, you name it, and that I am totally losing my time with what I am currently doing. It was the time of death of the old me and the birth of the new me.

Secondly, I started dreaming again. I mean, started to remember my dreams vividly, as before. Nice dreams I do have.

Dear Andro, thank you for helping me land the plane and set a new course to a better version of myself!

I.I. – Bulgaria, 2017

I have been a client of Andro for over a year now, and I have Shamanic Journeying done for me at regular intervals. I have found Andro’s services to be of great value to those who are seeking Liberation in terms of personal transmutation. From my personal experience, Andro’s work is compatible with any other healing modalities, and they work very well together.

I have had many parasites and “nasties” removed from me, and the feeling of lightness and transformation is very clearly noticeable afterwards to both myself, to others, and also in my line of work.

I can personally testify that  Andro picks up information that I did NOT tell him beforehand. This seems to come up a lot, which confirms and validates his work for me. I also wish to state that Andro offers a very unique service, a “one of a kind” that I can’t seem to find anywhere else for that matter…

If you are seeking deeper transformation in your journey, give Andro a go. The price is very good “value for money” for what you get.

Kind regards,


M.Y. – Sidney, Australia, 2017

Reading the Hermetic Vision presentation, I knew that I needed that. Feeling bad for several reasons, I was searching for a kind of “red pill”, as none of my spiritual activities could “heal” me.

Believe me, I already felt different after the initial conversation I had with Andro, to prepare the Journey (the effects are independent of our linear concept of time), but I also must confess that I had a little bit of fear about the experience.

During the night, I’ve felt in real-time the (positive) consequences of Andro’s repairs. Andro told me after the Journey that at the age of 6, a certain traumatic event occurred that caused me to switch from a “living” to “sur-viving” mode. All of my dark emotions – sadness, fear, etc – since that time those emotions were being “piled up” and hidden away in a big box, affecting even my guidance. This box had numerous “back-ups”, which explained why several other (previous) practitioners had to repeat their process on me.

Andro had to proceed with a major “detonation” that cleaned the mess, released my soul fragments and my guide as well. He also eliminated a kind of two-headed worm living in my spine that was biting my second and sixth chakra in order to feed and to ensure the closing of the “black box”.

Well, kind of a “resurrection”, isn’t it?

The crazy thing is that I’ve felt all this while trying to sleep: A kind of “explosion’ inside me, a feeling of high-energy rivers crossing my entire being. Even if the night was crazy, I felt different in a positive way when I woke up (yes, I slept at the end :-)).

Too little time has passed to talk about long-lasting changes, but I already feel much more anchored and centered.

Thanks for your work, Andro!

S.V. – Belgium, 2016


You have already helped me numerous times through different hardships in my life, but this one was substantially different. I asked for your help, I was in the midst of a speeding turmoil, rapidly wrapping around me a potential dire sequence of events, a wrong turn with a possible aftermath that could have resulted in something much more devastating than physical death.

You have literally taken over the situation and guided me through it with calm and great resolve. You have managed to negotiate a seemingly long and bloody battle, turning it into a long lasting peace and mutual understanding. You have used your skills in interdimensional travel with the same certainty with which your words have calmed me down and sped up the healing process.

This drama uncovered a long term mechanism of abuse, so prominent in my life for many years. Now I feel so much more authentic, cohesive and true.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

F.J. – Belarus, 2016

From a man on the brink of the abyss, haunted by all sorts of phobias & other parasitical thought forms, in fear of an impending death, I turned into a man free of all those things mentioned, having a feeling of deep abiding peace within, filled with joy & gratitude for the healing I have received.

First time Andro had to initiate the process of “clearing the house” so to speak, of clearing my subconscious self of all the accumulated negative “weight” that was pulling me down… Of this I wrote a previous testimony on this site.

The second time Andro removed the last remains of my subconscious “prison construct” & many parasitical entities still attached to my energy body. The day after the Journey I felt as if leeches came off of me and all that was left were the points where they were fixed before… on the spine, feet, etc… And such a peaceful feeling… like I never had before in my life…

It was all well with me… Yet, after one year since the first Journey, I wanted a third one. Somehow, I felt there is still work needed to be done for me… And it was! This time Andro took a very deep plunge into my Self, the details of which I will not mention here. It was intimately revealing and profound for me… So much so that the next morning, before Andro could have told anything to me, I already felt the effects: very fine energy streams running smoothly through my hands, feet, my whole body… I believe many blockages were taken out of the way and the “streams of life” started to once again move freely within me…

A Facebook friend asked me how I feel. My answer took her kind of by surprise: “Wonderful, renewed, reborn to life, reconnected, at peace with myself & with the world” were some of my answers. Indeed, I AM!

So my sincere gratitude for all of the above goes, once again, to Andro, this gifted, compassionate healer, this wonderful friend and beautiful Spirit!

Whether you would want to avail yourself of Andro’s services in the future or not, it is of no consequence to me. Yet, I could not help but give my testimony of this life changing healing experience.


G.M. – Bucharest, Romania, 2016

You may be pondering taking a Shamanic Journey. I highly recommend Andro. How does it work? As I slept, Andro guided me through a Shamanic Journey; an incredibly healing experience for me. How does it feel? I awoke at 6am feeling emotionally lighter, relaxed and with good chi. Truly, this was a whole-hearted energy restoration.
By 9am I met with Andro on Skype so we could exchange experiences. He records notes throughout the Journey and I appreciate what it took for him to attend to 6-8 of my Spirit’s requests. During the Journey he listened to my soul and responded with a variety of techniques to repair traumas or issues causing me to feel imbalanced.
The result is a return to myself, to my true essence. Gone is the inner angst. Serenity flows.
With gratitude, 
K. LeClaire – Denver, CO, USA, 2016

I am currently a client of Andro, and I have used his shamanic services twice to date. I find Andro to be a courteous and talented healer. I can say that he knows what he is doing, and I feel I can trust him. I have had two Journeys done for me, and I find the experiences to be quite pleasant and even relaxing. I feel a shift and change in my life for the better.

Andro has pulled all kinds of nasties and what not, and I can say that I feel much better afterwards. In my first Journey, Andro extracted what could be described as an army of entities living inside me, and I felt a strong correlation with the healing events afterwards. I will continue to use Andro’s services, and I can recommend him to anyone who is serious about healing on a deep level. It is worth the commitment and you will feel a strong change afterwards that can be only described as transcendental.

During my second, most recent Journey, Andro found a part of me that was stuck falling between two worlds. I had not told him this before, but this is something I had resonated with for a long time. He has also accurately picked up on many other perceptions that I had not told him prior to the Journey, and I can confidently say that Andro is very legitimate in his skills.

Kind regards,

M.Y. – Sydney, Australia, 2016

He’s able to bring a new flow of self-awareness in your life by his specific storytelling, which activates different energies in your whole reality. This is very archetypal in nature and to me it was much more beneficial than just healing, because it’s connected with your personal Flow itself and not only to your body/soul complex (which is a temporary construct). It gives you the ability to take a look at your consciousness in a new holistic manner. After the journey you’re able to see that healing was always the natural path for you and you unconsciously pushed yourself in that direction. So meeting Andro was the milestone predetermined by the natural laws. You’re finally able to feel thankful for your own being and appreciate yourself in a new way, because it is generally SO hard for all of us to do so.

For a long time after the journey I was in a state of weightlessness, like a new-born floating in space without any concepts or imprints of what reality truly is. For the first time in my life I felt the power of my own “pen” and the ability to write my own story. This is truly overwhelming. You’re now not predetermined by your own blockages anymore, you’re not living the life of someone else – you’re now your own storyteller. In the beginning it may be a little scary, because we actually never done it before and we don’t know “how” to act as the main character of our life. But in time you become better and better in this, you connect with yourself and your Flow in an entirely new and refreshing format. There’s much work to do, but it’s not a burden anymore, it’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s creative and filled with joy! And healing is the regular result of all of this. The difference is, that now you heal yourself which is always much more vigorous process than just to let someone to do the work for you.
Thank you Andro for your delivery of this new kind of storytelling in my life! You really know your work and I cannot recommend you enough! I’m now open to experience more of myself and I intend to do that with responsibility, lightness and clarity which I never experienced before!
M.A. – Bulgaria, 2016

With his intuitive, empathetic but straight forward nature he gives great advice. The journey was very specific and I instantly could relate to incidents. He revealed secrets that I would have never shared with anybody. I was able to feel the warmth of the people that were close to me for the first time. This set in motion synchronistic events that revealed even more insights towards healing to me.

I wholeheartedly recommend this guy!

A.K. – Hamburg, Germany, 2016

When I first contacted Andro, I was in a bad place – full of fear, anxiety, indecision and low self-esteem. Although I was hoping for a miraculous and transformative change after his journey for me, I learned that my real self was a bit more stubborn and resistant to change than I was consciously aware 🙂

After a second intervention, I now feel a greater sense of peace and am learning not to take everything so seriously. There is now more laughter in my interactions with others and more joy. Andro was very generous with his time, both in his initial consultation and follow-up sessions. I always felt a sense of lightness after our conversations together. Although I am not yet where I want to be in terms of how I interact in world, I am more at peace with myself and that is a big step forward. I must also accept that change occurs in different ways with different people.

Thank you, Andro, for all of your kind and compassionate assistance!

K.S. – North Carolina, USA, 2016

It’s been a little over a week since Andro did the Soul Retrieval for me. I wanted to work on self confidence and on releasing a connection to an ex girlfriend. The Soul Pieces brought back have made me feel more centered and grounded than before. And as for my ex – the feelings have changed. There is no longer an obsession with her… I feel liberated… and at the same time, now I miss feeling obsessed with her, if that makes any sense.

Now, almost a month after the Journey, I`m doing well. In relation to self confidence, I feel more centered and in relation to the ex… the feelings I had towards her are almost gone.

S.M. – Portugal, 2016

Andro helped me a lot.
I was in deep trouble when somebody recommended him to me. My fiancée had left me for another man after a relationship of seven years. Half a year ago I had stopped smoking marijuana. I used to smoke a lot before that and it kind of fucked up my life. So I was in a state of struggling to get my life back. The worst thing was the feeling of being lonely and never be able to find a woman like my ex again. There were days when I felt I could cope with the situation, but then again and again I suffered from setbacks when I was so sad I wanted to cry all day, had to call some friends to comfort me or got drunk because I could not stand the pain. In fact, I got drunk a lot those days.
Andro performed a shamanic journey, and although I did not completely follow his instructions, it was a great success. He seems to have repaired a lot. He told me that he brought back parts of my soul that were gone. He repaired my defenses and cleared my perception of the world. The result was stunning: the sadness has almost completely gone and although I still keep thinking a lot about my ex, the feeling of being lost and desperate has disappeared completely. Small things started to happen, opportunities have since then evolved that might help me being happier in the future. I don’t know how to explain it, but it feels like he put me on the right track, after I was more or less straying for years.
I drink less, I almost never get drunk anymore. My orthopedist, a very alternative orthopedist, measuring emotional and energetic stability in (to me) strange ways, said that my stability has increased dramatically and that he could finish the treatment pretty soon (he has been treating me for five years now). Some of my anxieties have gone, I feel much more stable, confident and happy, less vulnerable…
If you are in trouble and need help, I can only recommend you Andro. He put a lot of energy back in to my life.
Best regards!
M.W. – Berlin, Germany, 2016

I am writing this testimonial in regards to having a Soul Retrieval. I came to Andro looking for a Soul Retrieval, after many years of working with certain healing methods, both conventional and non-conventional, I found relief and positive changes in these modalities, however the core issue remained – a constant feeling of a void, persisting addictions, being unable to move on and get off the fence, constant repeating patterns and self sabotage… the list goes on and on. Out of a sense of needing resolution to these bizarre and bewildering  themes in my life, I came to Andro for a Soul Retrieval. From the very moment we started interacting, I can say I found Andro to be open and receptive, he takes a great deal of care and understanding, and checks in with you, to see how you are feeling and doing throughout the entire process.

I had my Soul Retrieval done a week ago. I was a little anxious about the procedure, unsure how it will all work out. I chose to continue with the procedure. At about 2am (the time I was due to receive the retrieval) I was suddenly awoken by a loud bang in the room, like a heavy object falling. Andro had previously told me that something like this might happen, I recognized this for what it was and felt a strange shift if you will, so I just relaxed and allowed it to proceed. I then fell into a very deep, peaceful and restful sleep.

I awoke later in the morning feeling refreshed and different. I was myself, yet something was missing, like a weight, a cloud, a noise, something wasn’t there anymore… During our follow-up meeting  on Skype, Andro proceeded to inform me of the experience from his end, he pulled out an infestation of astral entities from within me, apparently I was deeply infested with nasty kinds parasites if you will, he did this three times throughout, each time pulling out very nasty parasites.

It has been a week now, and I can say and know that I feel… light, buoyant, a deep knowing trickling in every now and then, strange memories returning, strange subtle perceptions… at times, in certain deep relaxed states, a profound deep joy is returning… I’m staying the course, and all that remains are the previous mental patterns and thinking states from my journey from hell, which I am slowly retraining myself to undo… What can I say, these words are not fit and proper to adequately convey my experience, imagine being in a room with 1000 running air conditioners, and then suddenly all of them being turned off, or putting down a very heavy suitcase after thousands of miles of carrying it. I highly recommend Andro’s services to anyone who seeks clarity and a truer path back ‘home’.

M.Y. – Sydney, Australia, 2015

Incredible Lessons

In my own personal Self exploration and studies I have learned that healing is required on many different levels including physical, energetic, mental, intuitive etc… Having been intensely focusing on the many levels of healing personally over the last few years, I was still looking for a Shamanic practitioner who truly had the skill sets that I really only read and heard about. I knew this was something I could not forcefully seek out and that in time I would come across this when I was ready. I finally came across Andro’s work and got a chance to review the whole site along with the testimonials which were very informative. I then wrote to him to arrange a Skype meeting to get a chance to see and talk with him. After the initial meeting, I knew this was a person that I could see myself working with and set a date to have a Journey.

When Andro performed the Journey for me, he quickly realized I had a very big soul piece of myself that was inaccessible to me at the time. This had me running on 50 percent of my vital life force. He then went to work and fix those issues in the many different ways he needed to. By having this repaired, I am now having experiences and memories that are reintegrating with me. Old, yet very new to me.

There have been some incredible lessons that have come from this Journey, which I have taken very seriously and would like to share a few.

Some of the Post-Journey observations have been very rewarding to say the least. My daily actions have much more awareness in them, whether it’s my actual body movements and posture through the day or understanding a deeper meaning of the martial arts I have been practicing. My physical strength has almost doubled over the last six weeks. A certain type of vision and seeing I have had has also improved. This also allowed me to better look at myself now. Upon looking at myself in the mirror with a held focus, I am able to stream some of this once hidden part of me into my conscious awareness.

It is now much easier to slow down in my daily life, when I normally had a harder time before. I have found a much deeper connection to my real family that I have currently. Some of this is difficult to put or type in words however maybe you can feel it as well.

Many more events and insights have surfaced that are more personal to me. I see a much bigger perspective in this. By looking at this as much as I can from the Deeper me, it is making much more sense of this scenario. Choosing this big challenge gives ultimate success to my Higher Self and to my current incarnation. I now know this event is helping assist my progression and one of my keys needed upon finishing this present game.

Andro, I do want to express my deep gratitude for the Journey you took on my behalf. This has enabled me to understand much more of who I really am.

It is real hard to run across a person like Andro who actually knows the game along with the awareness and skills needed to go much deeper and direct upon journeying for someone. Weather you have had Journeys before or are new to this type of work, I would highly recommend working with Andro.

D.T. – California, USA, 2015

My Real Journey Has Begun

I contacted Andro requesting a Shamanic Journey, and I am so grateful he was available to perform his healing talent on me. These words will not be enough to express the amazing results that were achieved, but I will try. I’ll start with this… if you go forward with the process, be prepared for results that are undeniably, unquestionably real… because Andro is the Real Deal and there’s no denying it once you experience the effect of his healing first hand.

From the moment he accepted my request, the process started, whether I was fully conscious of it or not. In my case, I did not know what to expect but I knew this was something I needed. I had been struggling with low energy, depression and recurring bouts of apathy for years. Reaching a plateau on what I considered to be my spiritual development, I came to Andro for help. He delivered… big. From our initial first meeting he absolutely nailed the problem, revealing parts of myself that I had kept hidden, making it impossible for me to move forward. I was stuck in a loop.

While Andro was working on me, I was simultaneously doing some vivid dream analysis. It became apparent that although I had spent the majority of my life searching and sifting through “truths” and teachings of others, I had neglected to really experience anything subjectively myself… my growth was stunted. I was a cult of personalities, a Mixmaster DJ that adopted the personalities I admired over the years, and played the greatest hits to whatever I thought the audience wanted to hear… I had no identity of my own.

During the Journey, Andro retrieved a couple Soul Pieces from previous relationships. He also removed a blockage in my solar plexus that was preventing my Heart Chakra from functioning properly, restored my astral ability to see clearly, and recovered some personal power lost in an occult egregore. There were some other details that I will not elaborate on, but most importantly, he was able to prop up the foundation I need to finally develop fully. Additionally, it was revealed that an event in my early childhood caused the trauma that led to this predicament… a memory that was long forgotten and deeply hidden shortly came back. Andro was, again, as accurate as ever.

I now feel the real Journey for me has begun, and I am looking forward to experiencing my life subjectively. There are many mysteries yet to explore, and now I know I have to find my own answers.

Thank you Andro.

S.N. – Alabama, USA, 2015

Vitality Restored

I was given a Shamanic Journey with Andro as a gift for my 70th birthday. Although I enjoy good health and rich relationships, I was relieved to hear from Andro after the Journey that things were not functioning as well as they could. Various psychic and emotional defenses of mine had broken down and were not really working anymore. Why was I relieved? I had chalked those losses up to aging and was getting used to them. But Andro performed interventions that eradicated them. Extra energy is always sweet, but it is super extra sweet in “the last trimester” of life!

I am grateful for the marvelous effects of Andro’s work. These include less pain, greater focus, greater energy and greater emotional flexibility (I’m a rigid little Virgo much of the time). Activities, both those I like and those I dislike, are now undertaken in a fluid, flowing, enjoyable manner.

For over a year, I had lost my treasured habit of walking for an hour at the end of the workday, before evening activities began. This was rekindled, again without effort. Without the “should.”

I had been over-preparing for the future, hoping to ensure financial, social and familial security. Now, after the Journey, I feel, one way or another, I can just relax and be myself and have “my” future.

To say I feel twenty years younger is not overstating the case! Every minute of such a feeling is precious. And when people look at me curiously, wondering how to explain the elevation in vitality, they often end up asking what I did to my hair! Appearances…

I am very grateful to Andro for the work he did and for the joyful forces of the new vitality which is the result of this work.

L.N. – Upstate NY, USA, 2015

No More Holding Back!

Before my session with Andro, my experience in this lifetime has at times been challenging and difficult. I had issues around self-worth, guilt, and fear and being responsible for everyone and everything and the need to please everyone except me… a heavy load to carry indeed.

I knew I had potential to accomplish anything I put my focus and attention to, however, I did not have the motivation and clarity to move forward in life. I let others be right, take the lead, have power over me. Holding back became a habit and a strong desire to end my life lingered inside me.

Fast forward to the week after Andro journeyed for me and I will say that I was filled with a strong sense of Joy as I felt the beginning of my Soul Pieces being returned. It was like… ‘there I am’. I knew in that moment that I would be able to make the decisions for my highest good, and to have clarity and confidence in making good decisions as I express who I am and let no one have power over me.

So, even though I am still excited about my transition to other realities in this vast existence, I am also filled with joy and peace about being part of this Earth and Game that is filled with the wonder and excitement of the known and especially the unknown experiences ahead in my growth as a spiritual being… whatever that means!

I have to say that this first week after the Journey has been amazingly beautiful. Monday evening I woke up with an intense feeling of energy washing over me. This was a little overwhelming but it passed. What a difference in how I feel and think. I can think clearer!

I feel I can become focused and have a calm motivation, for what I do not yet know.
I am better able and willing to express who I am with confidence and even power, but over myself. I even have an excitement in me and now it is not just about getting to die and to remember who I really am! I will do the best I can here, and observe the dynamics of this world and enjoy what I can, while I can.

And no more fear and unworthiness! Andro suggested to have intentions and not just let things happen to me. I do know that I hesitated in this regard because I was not clear about what I really wanted other than dying and being done with all of this.
I want to say it is too good to be true! But I know that it is true.

Many thanks to Andro for sharing his talents!

Warmest regards to all…

Columba G. – Georgia, USA, 2015

Parasite Finally Removed!

I have been dealing with a tenacious parasite for many years, which was not responding to anything I threw at it. Although I kept searching for solutions, I was really at a loss, annoyed, impatient and bored.

Then Andro did a Journey for me. He applied balancing techniques and he removed a hydra-like parasite connected to my circulatory system interfering with me via my blood! I passed it physically one day after the Journey. Can you imagine? So fucking rude!

Since then I feel completely changed. I have received a great deal of new information that has taken me in a totally different direction and I have been creating new remedies for myself as a result. More importantly, I feel totally different. I feel more in tune on all levels. I know exactly what to do. I feel connected. It is such a relief. Such a relief!

Although I still find The Game totally moronically stupid, I now have a wonderful calmness I’ve never known or experienced in all the decades I’ve been here.

I am eternally grateful to you, Andro and I look forward to seeing you after Graduation!


CdB (Practitioner of the Healing Arts) – Mill Valley, California, USA, 2015

Since you are reading this, I would recommend you go ahead and contact Andro with what you desire. In your own special unique way it will be your personal Surprise to say the least. Andro’s services are worth way more than he charges and you will not be disappointed.

S.G. – Puget Sound, Washington State, USA, 2015

Most Significant Information Received In Years

I contacted Andro for a Soul Retrieval recently. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never had one performed before. Andro took the time to explain the process with me, told me what I could expect, how to prepare and answered all of my questions in detail. I felt extremely comfortable with his energy, skill and ability to perform such an ‘intimate’ task for me.

During the initial Skype talk, he identified that my throat and heart chakra were closed off at the time. I didn’t think much of it because I figured that those would open up when they needed to.

I recall that although I had fallen asleep OK the night of the scheduled Soul Retrieval, I woke up in the wee hours and had extreme restlessness for quite some time before I finally drifted off again.

Upon waking at my usual time, I was just laying there trying to wake up when I felt a rush of energy encompassing my heart and throat chakras. The energy had the equivalent sensation of rubbing Icy Hot on my skin – a very intense simultaneous burning/cooling. It was so intense in fact that it promptly caused me to have a panic attack. It took me about 15 minutes to calm down and get back to baseline. Needless to say, I was wide awake after that.

The journey itself ended up being quite a surprise for both of us and I learned quite a few things about my path. Some of it was new to me, some of it confirmed things that I unconsciously knew, but most importantly, the information Andro provided me has propelled me into the next leg of my journey. I can honestly say it was the most significant information I have received in the past few years.

In addition to the Soul Retrieval, I had the chance to work with Andro again when I needed an emergency intervention for something that came up soon afterwards. He made himself available on Skype and took the time necessary to assist me with my crisis, for which I’m very grateful.

When dealing with the metaphysical, there are very, very few people that I can trust enough to work with. Andro is now at the TOP of my list and I can wholeheartedly recommend him for Soul Retrieval. I’m also looking forward to working with him in other areas that may arise in the future.

D.B. – Austin, Texas, USA, 2015

Presence, Passion, Inspiration and Creativity

I had been considering getting a Soul Retrieval for a few years, but had yet to come across a shaman whose energy I resonated with enough to follow through. Upon reading what Andro wrote on his website, I really felt connected to both the presence and truths behind the writings, as well as to the energy from his picture.

We had a Counseling Session to start and, sure enough, I really enjoyed and benefited from our conversation; I found him to be very empathetic, easy to relate to, non-judgmental, clearly full of wisdom, experience and skill, but also just fun and delightful. His manner put me at ease and I decided very easily to venture on a Shamanic Journey with him.

The night of the journey, while it was being performed, I awoke with a start in the middle of the night, and it wasn’t because I had to urinate, which is almost always the only reason I ever wake up like that, and I couldn’t fall back asleep for an hour, very unusual for me.

Our follow-up the next morning was interesting indeed. He was able to tell me various aspects of my life and past that I certainly had not shared with him; his description of the guise my Guide assumed was something I had long suspected/intuited, as well as having heard from other sources before. The follow-up benefit to the Journey has been in some ways subtle and some ways huge; I feel more grounded, more present, more fully embodied and more ‘here’ in this reality. The greatest thing for me though, is a return to inspiration and creativity; for the first time in years I am writing music almost daily, and my old artistic dreams have started to come back, but this time with more passion behind them, more drive to get things done.

I remain very curious to consult with him in the future for ways in which I can further advance myself when the time is right, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with him and for the services he is providing.

M.K. – Bay Area, California, USA, 2015

Request a Session with Andro

Deep Soul Healing

When I came to Andro I was a man on the brink of the abyss… I come from a dysfunctional  family. Ever since early childhood I witnessed almost on a daily basis conflict between my parents, which turned me into a deeply distressed child. When I was 11 years of age, my mother committed suicide and soon after I ended up with my father in a different family (he remarried) where the cycle of conflict was restarted, only with a different negative valence than the one before. As a result, in order to protect myself, from what Andro told me, I had created deep in my subconscious self a sort of ‘prison’ or ‘private hell’ where I had thrown and locked away a lot of the negative emotions I encountered, along with parts of me, soul pieces, shreds of my Spirit, ripped from me by various traumas and thrown on a one way road into this ‘spirit asylum’. So, ever since that age, I have been carrying this ‘private hell’ with me, which has only grown larger and larger as the years passed by.

So much so, that when I came to Andro, I had a feeling of inner tension (‘madness’ if you will) that was harder and harder to control… all sorts of phobias were coming upon me with a vengeance: fear of crowded places, fear of getting stuck in bus, elevator, car, fear of losing my mind… I was still able to function normally but I became quite afraid I would soon lose it and start “circling the drain”. This year alone I made all sorts of personal efforts to come back to normal… I fasted only with water and fruit juices for 30-31 days in two sessions: one of 17 days and the other 13-14 days. During the second session I even drank my own urine, mixed with apple or orange juice, two times a day… I also tried alternative nostril breathing… 5 counts breathe in, 10 counts breathe out through the other nostril and so forth… then 5 counts in, 5 counts breath retention, 10 counts out. I did all that hoping to alleviate the inner stress I had with me… And while it all helped, I was not able to get to the root of the problem… Until I came to Andro…

After the Shamanic Journey Andro performed for me, he told me how things were with me… He created an opening into that ‘prison construct’ of mine and sent gold energy throughout the place to initiate a steadily paced ‘Path of Return’ for all that I had locked away in there. As a result, during the next few days I had some bouts of depression, sadness at times but nothing dramatic. I dreamed almost every night, most dreams were strange but very intense… I felt my heart and solar plexus chakras active at times along with a strong sensation of suction into my crown chakra that was coming and going. Then, feelings of exhilaration, joy and optimism started to come in as well.

And now I am a new man! “The Madhouse” is now appearing to be dismantling at an appropriate and well regulated pace (as per Andro’s report) and would collapse on itself in the end. The inner tension that was with me most (if not all) of the time has subsided and I feel much more relaxed & confident. In one word, I feel more alive! If before the Shamanic Journey I was just hoping in the back of my mind the End would come sooner so that I may escape the misery, now I am much more poised and confident and I no longer think too much about that, come what may when it may, I would still embrace it, and gladly so, but in the meantime I can once more dedicate myself to enrich myself spiritually in every way I can…

Andro, I am truly, so very grateful for your help throughout this episode and forever will (and no cliche here), for taking the time to listen to me and to patiently explain to me how things stand, for all your empathy and compassion, for the lack of judgement on your part at my perceived weaknesses… You have even walked the extra mile to help me out of those dire straits, you just kept on giving…

In the relative near future I plan to start Counseling Sessions with Andro… I feel there is much I can learn from him. Yes, he is the REAL DEAL and I would be honored to learn from him and be guided by him until I do find my own way…

If it were to describe in a few words my whole experience with this Shamanic Healing I would choose APPRECIATION & GRATITUDE towards Andro and HOPE of a NEW BEGINNING for me.


With heartfelt brotherly love,

G.M. – Bucharest, Romania, 2015

Shamanic Experience Testimonial

It’s difficult to know where to start and how to explain my experience with Andro. To say it has been life-changing sounds so utterly clichéd, but that is exactly what it has been.

The integrity, the authenticity and the sheer Shamanic power that Andro has… I feel privileged to have worked with him.

I noticed an immediate change as soon as the Journey he did for me was finished. The follow-up sessions were emotional, healing, informative and empowering. I have continued to notice positive changes in myself, I feel my emotions much more, I offer myself to the world in a far more authentic way, I am more relaxed and I worry less. I no longer compartmentalize my life and I have found parts of myself that I had buried and missed, but didn’t know this until the Journey.

After the Journey, my life makes more sense to me. It’s as if all the strings have been pulled together and I have a surer sense of who I am.

I could write so much about Andro and about his abilities, but what I will say is that having had experiences with many different types of practitioners, including Shamanic ones, Andro is without doubt the Real Deal. If you work with him, you won’t regret it, but only work with him if you are serious and ready, because your life will change.

K.K. – Iceland, 2015

Thank you for the Unforgettable Journey, Andro!

I had a shamanic journey done for me by Andro and I am so grateful for the work he did for me. The left side of my body has always been weak and the problem has become worse as I got older. The left side of my face felt like I have had a stroke, feeling lopsided and all.

I was convinced I had been attacked by a dark witch neighbour when I was growing up in Africa. After the journey, I discovered that I had not been psychically attacked but the weakness was a legacy of many childhood vaccinations with one in particular affecting my liver. Andro removed the energy from my liver and now my crooked smile is going away. I still need to do a heavy metal detoxification to complete the process, so I am calling on the expertise of a Naturopath.

Andro also returned five soul pieces which I had lost at various traumatic events of my life, three of which were from my teenage years when I ran away from home and was disowned by my parents. It is a truly wonderful feeling as I am now gradually starting to feel whole and strong again.

What Andro told me was beyond amazing, things that I had completely forgotten about, but were nonetheless affecting my life. I was tickled at the habit I have even now at age 63, just before falling asleep I feel an overpowering urge to count to 20 using my fingers and toes! Oh, the feeling of such relief that I could count to 20. Certainly, such counting is no rocket science, but past traumas have weird ways of manifesting themselves. So glad I can at last let go of that quirk.

Andro did many more repairs for me, removing a filter on my throat chakra which was very important as I have worked as a pharmacist for many years and now studying psychology. Communication is vital in my chosen fields. Andro gave me messages and guidance and the upshot of it all is that I know a new chapter of my life has just opened which is incredible. Thanks for making that possible for me, Andro. I cannot recommend you highly enough.

T.M.L. – Queensland, Australia, 2015

Journey Experience

It is challenging to find words to properly describe the amazement I felt when I first met Andro during our initial Skype conversation for the work he was going to do on my behalf. One word keeps coming up though, it is WOW!

Even before the journey, he was able to look deep into my being and see more of the true me than anyone I have met in the past. My healing started then and there.

Then he went on a journey for me the next day. He had to help another incarnation of mine that had suffered a horrific death, and he got rid of a professionally done collar of three snakes around my neck that was poisoning me.

I also was given a blanket for protection against radiation that was also damaging me. He brought back pieces others had and gave me advice from my guidance that is truly helpful in my day to day life.

I am forever grateful to Andro for this work that he has done for me.

I feel more together, more in control, basically I feel more me.

I am still processing this work, however I would like to say to anyone out there who is thinking about having Andro doing some work for them to go ahead and do it, I am sure you will not regret it.

The beautiful insights and powerful vision that Andro possesses is truly amazing, his style is to the point, and his communication is gentle but steady. I feel that he absolutely respects who you are and only works with what you yourself have decided that you need done, nothing more.

I can certainly testify to the immense power in the work that he has done for me and I recommend Andro with all my heart.

K.I. – Norway, 2015

Spirit & Body Healing

Andro is a true healer, and the healing journey begins with the initial conversation. His warm approach and direct manner made me feel at ease in his presence, allowing his unique skills to go ‘deep’ to find the heart of the problem.

Andro’s words remain etched clearly in my mind continuing to empower me, providing invaluable assistance with my own personal loops.

Over the past few years, I had a growing number of body ailments that manifested around the same time period. This including sinusitis which led to severe bouts of vertigo and chronic lower back pain that months of chiropractic work could at best, keep at bay. My thirty-five-year-old body felt as though it had aged to eighty-five in the space of a few years.

Andro’s work has shown me what it is like to really heal. While journeying he discovered and cleaned out an astral infestation as well as restoring my ‘basement level’ back into balance. He also returned two soul pieces of mine in the one journey. His sustained, focused hard work goes above and beyond the call of duty, honouring a balanced approach.

The before and after Skype conversations are a testament to Andro’s willingness to make sure the healing energies are anchored down and working. The morning after the journey, I woke for the first time in years with a clear nasal passage. Each day since, more of what was lost returns in beautiful insights and I notice with joy, as my body self-heals.

His healing talents are out of this world!

In gratitude,

M. T. – Sydney, Australia, 2015

Journey Report

Prior to having Andro do Shamanic work for me, I had never had any experience with this type of thing, and didn’t really know what to expect. I am beyond impressed with his work, and am very satisfied with the results.

I had been spiritually & psychically assaulted by some practitioner(s) of the Dark Arts several years ago, as well as sexually assaulted by, again, some Dark Arts practitioners as a young child in some type of ritual. It’s not the easiest thing to talk about, but this is just honestly what happened. Andro helped not only identify what really took place, he helped restore the energy to my Creative/Sexual Chakra, as well as return the Soul Piece I lost during the case of sexual abuse. He also removed an implant that I had in my Solar Plexus that was keeping people from getting close to me. My sex life was severely screwed up, as well as my creative skills. Since the work he did, my creativity is starting to flow much better like it did before all of this stuff happened. If you have been the target of some type of psychic attack, or may have had some type of sexual abuse, you can very well get something out of working with Andro that you won’t get from working with a traditional counselor. Again, I am very impressed to say the least.

He also removed a parasite in my neck. I had a type of twitch in my neck, and it’s basically gone only a few days after the Shamanic Journey. There were a few other Soul Pieces returned as well. His ability to see into your past and identify the various energetic imbalances/issues is very real, and profound indeed. He knew things about me that I did not tell him beforehand. There are too many people out there in the spiritual/metaphysical/occult community with ulterior motives. If you are looking for a “no bullshit” approach to Shamanism, and very real healing on an energetic and even physical level, you will definitely get real results from working with Andro. His skills are absolutely par excellence!

Another thing to add is that I have had some skin problems for a few years that have been clearing up since the work he did. It didn’t appear to be the focus of the work, but the healing that is taking place appears to be a natural result of the other work he did, removing parasites, central nervous system repairs, and such.

If I have any advice to someone contemplating working with him, the first thing is that if you feel pulled to do so, go for it! You won’t regret it! The second thing is to try not to have any expectations. What happens is what needs to happen, and it will in all likelihood surpass whatever expectations you may have. Third is that you better make sure you have a working webcam and a good internet connection. We have had a lot of annoying tech problems, and I would hate for someone else to have to have various delays and such because of something like that. Learn from my mistake, and make sure you have the proper setup. I wish the best to everyone who gets involved here!

Happy Journeys!

T.C. – Pacific Northwest, USA, 2015

Shamanic Journey & Counseling Session

When I saw Andro’s website, I read it and I knew I had to check it out. I’m glad I did. Andro did a Soul Retrieval for me, he told me about an incident in my childhood I had totally forgot about. He is the real deal. I also had a Counseling Session with him, I tried to record the audio, because Andro is so profound. I find myself thinking about the things he says days later. I’ve learned so much from him and I’m so grateful to him. I will be working with him in the future. I’m so glad I’ve met him. Andro, keep up the Good Work! Much love and Success!

J.B. – NYC, USA, 2015

Post Journey Contemplations

“Pythagoreans celebrate Sunrise” by Fyodor Bronnikov.
That’s HOW I felt the morning after Andro journeyed for me.
Andro may have saved my life, let me write this!
I trusted him with everything, with more than everything.

Q: What’s the only thing more important than your health?
A: Your spiritual well-being.

I felt components of myself move into phase!

To find a Balance Shaman has taken me a lifetime.

N.N. – Upstate NY, USA, 2015

Highly Recommended!

Andro is a grounded, down to earth healer with advanced abilities. He was able to quickly point out some attributes of mine that were spot on – and that was just in the Pre-Journey Skype call. While I suspected that I had some “things” going on energetically, I was surprised how many missing pieces there were to re-connect and also to find out there were astral parasites involved.

I recommend Andro to anyone who has tried other modalities and still feels there is something missing. He is very thorough and will most likely find out what is going on! He also ads several follow ups to the Journey, over the course of a month, so you can assess how things are progressing. He is a great value compared to other modalities. Highly recommended!

J.L. – Mount Shasta, California, USA, 2015

My Personal Encounter

I have met Andro following very warm recommendations from friends whose knowledge and understanding I hold in high regard.

Since more than 10 years now, I’ve been independently researching various esoteric fields such as Astrology, Astral travel and Shamanic Healing. Along this path, I have been seeking knowledge and powerful encounters that might hold significant keys for me personally.

After hearing about Andro’s abilities for years and at a point where I was at a meaningful junction in my personal timeline, I felt an inner calling to meet with him. As it turned out, Andro was briefly visiting Israel at the time and after a short telephone conversation, which was very powerful in and on itself, we have set up a meeting.

I arrived to the meeting very curios and not without my fears. I had no idea what to expect, but from the very first moment I saw Andro I felt a strong, mysterious and very gracious presence.

My encounter with Andro was no less than hypnotic. I felt as if he could see me and into me on the innermost level. The journey he took me through was magical beyond my ability to express. I felt parts of my soul coming back to me.

The things he saw and told me, stunned me with their objective accuracy and clarity regarding events in my life and the feeling that accompanied the entire session was that it is a very important and meaningful moment on my life’s journey. I realized that meeting Andro was an important key for me and I have no doubt I will see him again.

I thank Andro from the bottom of my heart for the meeting, knowledge, generosity and the time he dedicated to me and I am grateful for the privilege I was given to meet with him in person.

I was also happy to hear that after some years of taking a break, Andro’s unique knowledge and healing methods are now once more publicly available.

I wish him all the best and wish others to be fortunate to meet with him.

For me, this meeting has been a gift beyond time.

D.C. – Tel Aviv, Israel, 2014

Extracted Implants & Derailed Psychic Attacks

I had the occasion to meet Andro in Amsterdam during a Hermetic Congress. I told him about several problems and feelings I had (especially a psychic attack, and possible possession by an ill person expecting to die soon).

He offered to perform a Shamanic Journey on my behalf, in order to see what was happening and possibly fix what could be fixed.

Not surprisingly, a lot was going on in the ‘other world’. I had several implants in me (in the head and base chakra). I also had a planned attack on the next new (super) moon, and as a Cancer, my moon-connected “powers” would have been weakened. So he put me in “Full Moon” mode (energetically, as a shell) for two weeks, until the next actual Full Moon, and then the cycle would return to ‘normal’ mode. His action derailed the attack and prevented me from being harmed. He also had contacts with several entities having ‘intentions’ for me; he had a serious talk with them and helped me in several ways that I will have to keep to myself.

I was absolutely amazed by the Journey/healing, and I could feel his actions on the astral in my energetic body. It was very helpful and very important for my path.

I highly recommend Andro’s Shamanic Journeys since he is a serious, genuine shaman and a capable practitioner.

S.H.D. – Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2014

Astral Parasite Removed

Andro is a one of a kind healer. I have personally experienced his profound, unique way of ‘reaching beyond’ on several occasions. He is also remarkable for his cheerful attitude, compassion and acceptance.

I’m recalling one time Andro helped me with a persistent mouth infection I suffered from, a few years ago. We sat back side by side and all I had to do was relax. I could gently feel how I was being inspected (with no physical touch) and treated. The overall experience was relieving and vitalizing. He reported identifying an astral parasite on my spine and head which he removed immediately. Hard to believe, isn’t it? My dentist was also shocked.

My mouth was checked a few days before his treatment and then again a few days later. The doctor said she had never seen this kind of thing disappear so quickly and was very interested in the story behind it.

If you are looking for no agenda, no nonsense, balanced shamanism, Andro is warmly recommended.

Thomas T. – Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2013

Physical & Mental Support

Dear Andro,

I would like to thank you for the Shamanic treatment you have been giving me over the last 3 months, as I was bound to my bed, suffering from a herniated disc.

I used to be a healthy woman but in recent years I’ve been living on my own and my physical health has gradually deteriorated which in turn, affected my mental and psychological well-being. It was a difficult time for me and I found it very hard to see any light ahead of me.

For three whole months, you have been there for me on our weekly, hour long conversation. The regular conversations and the constant frequency you have created, allowed me to look at myself and my condition from a new and different perspective, gradually changing my state of mind.

I wasn’t always aware of the changes. The recovery from needing assistance in almost every facet of daily life to complete independence was fast, as if I woke up from the flu. After a short time, I was able to resume my long walks on the seashore. Using the meditations and mantras you gave me, I’ve started walking upright and tall again. Today, 4 months since I’ve “got out of bed” I almost don’t understand when people ask me how I feel.

Today, after the treatment, I’m a healthy, independent person. When I’m being asked about my back, I find it difficult to remember how it was. During the time of the healing process, I made some important decisions for myself (I started writing and learning). I’ve left my physical limitations behind and also, what’s more important, my mental limitations. I feel like my daily life has gained an extra layer, an energetic frame that filters out what is not necessary for me and now, every day is full of challenges, power and balance.

Thank you Andro for your devoted treatment over these 3 months! You were precise and your support taught me how to overcome the bumps in the road and how to change my preconceptions.

You helped me get better and not just physically, you helped me reach a place where my emotional and mental state allows me independence and wholeness.

I wish you the same kindness you showed me!

Best of luck, wherever you go!

Health, love and abundance!

A. Paz – Tel Aviv, Israel, 2012

Healing Support

The first time I was exposed to Andro’s incredible capabilities, was at a meeting with a friend of mine who told me she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She told me about the treatment that was planned for her and showed me that after Andro’s energy work, the tumor, to everyone’s amazement, had completely disappeared.

A few months later, I decided to visit him with my daughter who was, at the time, suffering from strong stomach aches and headaches that conventional medicine could not alleviate. In this case as well, after Andro’s energy work, the pain was all gone.

Recently, I was myself diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctors have found 2 tumors, one about 3 cm and next to it another one of about 2 cm. I have decided that in addition to chemotherapy, I would turn to Andro for assistance and energy support. After the first session, even before the chemotherapy began, I noticed that the tumor, that could be easily felt before, was shrinking and disappearing. Andro kept remotely treating me once a week and more than once, I could feel the energy currents around the tumor and throughout my body. He explained to me that he was removing toxins that originated from my chemotherapy and indeed, during the whole process I did not suffer any of the familiar side effects that usually accompany such treatments, including what is known as paresthesia.

When the chemotherapy was over, I went through surgery. The doctors were completely baffled! Instead of 2, rather large tumors that could be felt before, there was only one, 7 mm in diameter, tumor left!!! Instead of 8 infected lymph nodes, they have removed only 4, out of which, only 2 were suspected as infected! Amazing! The MRI was wrong and so was the mammography, they injected me with indicators to identify the tumor during surgery and almost all was gone?? The fact that only 2 infected nodes were removed meant that the risk for arm swelling has dramatically decreased and indeed, my arm did not swell and did not hurt. Everybody, including me, was utterly surprised. The only one who wasn’t surprised, was Andro!!!

Andro is a dear and special man who has helped me so much. He is gifted with great patience, creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and his devotion to his clients has no boundaries. He promised to support me all along the healing process and that he did. I have no words to express my gratitude and my family’s appreciation for the care and support that Andro has given me all along my journey.

M. Amikam – Hertzlyiah, Israel, 2012

Remote Healing

Note: This is a Skype exchange with J (a friend) from the US military base where he was stationed at the time, regarding a remote shamanic healing session performed on his behalf.

J: Hey, I could actually use some remote healing tonight (it’s currently 16:00 here, maybe at about 22:00 or so) for some sinus infection I’ve got. I’m going to simultaneously try to do some meditative healing also, but as I’ve said, this place dampens magick, but you may be able to help better, being outside of this place…  If you feel any negative effects or blocks due to me being here, feel free to tell me and end it, as I don’t want any of your energies affected by this shit-hole.

A: I have good protection, no worries. Not sure if I can do it at 22:00 your time, but I’ll do it today/tonight. Just the sinus infection? Anything else significant?

J: Just the sinus infection – and maybe some protective barriers if it’s no trouble…

A: I’ll work on the sinuses and increase your protective shielding.

J: Tis appreciated my friend.

A: I just took a shamanic look at you… You’ve got to get out of there…

J: I agree. Please elaborate.

A: That place is HURTING you severely on multiple levels. Your entire system is in chaos. Balance/internal fluids are impaired and your lymphatic system is less effective (weakened immune system). The brain hemispheres are out of sync.

J: I totally agree.

A: Also, something poisonous in what they are feeding you. Don’t know what it is, but it’s affecting everybody.

J: Agreed. DFAC food is shit.

A: I see it as dark clouds in your digestive system and blood. It’s done on purpose. You are being poisoned on multiple levels, and so is everyone there. I also see lots of wiring underground. That can disrupt psychic energy. And one of your commanding officers is trained in some dark arts.

J: I thought it may be something under the ground – it felt “below” me… You say it’s wiring – I’m trying to find what it’s connected to – where the focal point is… The root, it feels like a rune-anchor somewhere, but I don’t know…

A: I just see a huge web of wiring underground. Can’t see a focal point yet. My guess is it leads off-base.

J: Yeah… I wonder if it’s steering and tapping into the planet’s energy network as well… Yeah it could be off base – I assume this base, and others are only an extension of the focal point…

A: Also check for hidden speakers in the environment, or check if you can distinguish a subtle background noise. If you find it, try to cancel it out. Anyway, that’s what I’m seeing for now. I’ll do some sinus & protective work a bit later.

J: There is a large speaker system I know of, they play the bugle calls and such throughout the days off of them. I don’t know where they are. If not for the compass built into my watch, I wouldn’t know what direction was which – I can’t even see the planet’s energy when I look at the ground, or my natural sense of “knowing”… I’ve never been so “cut off” as I am here, tis part of my loathing of it. I think you should tell what you see on the website as well, further elaborating on the hidden shadows of this place… I have nothing to conceal, and I fully agree. I knew they gave us stuff in our food to suppress specific stuff. Perhaps why I over-looked whatever else they may have slipped in… Or it could be the food itself – “dark growing” of it… I’m sure they get it all from their own farming and companies etc…

A: OK, I’ll post the conversation on the site with a bit of editing & discernment and do some healing work later. You’ll feel better tomorrow morning, but the moment I started the “remote viewing” I sensed this real urgency for you to get out of there.

J: I figured you might. Again, I appreciate it my friend.

A: OK, till next time. You will feel better, but the greater relief will come when you leave that place.

J: I agree. I must suffer a little longer, then I will leave this Black stage, and enter the bliss of the White.

A: OK. The sooner the better, yet all in due time.

Next-Day feedback from J:

J: Andro performed a healing/protecting session while I slept – I woke up with my sinuses beginning to clear up and I can feel the protective adjustments he made. I highly recommend his services in this regard.

J. Fisher – Alabama, USA, 2012

My Encounter With Andro

I am the manager of a Chinese Medicine clinic. I first came to see Andro at the place where he used to live. I felt an instant connection.

I mean, it was something I wasn’t familiar with and I was moved by the fact that it even exists. I was touched by the fact that what I’ve read in books was living and breathing next to me. His ability to see inside my mind, to see inside the soul of his patients, is truly extraordinary. I haven’t seen this anywhere else, and I’ve seen many things.

He can read the truth between the lines. He knows what I really mean, even when I am not able to express it myself. I’m much older than him, but his understanding and insight are of someone much older than me. It’s like he has so many years of experience.

I suffer from a syndrome called Fibromyalgia and pain is something I’ve been living with for most of my life. So, to experience this sensation of relief and of the pain fading away is also something extraordinary, something I’ve never experienced before. Andro entered into, what I call, his “Mode”, focused on the pain and on my complaint, and within a few minutes the pain was gone. I’m not used to such things. It is special, even though I, myself, am working in a clinic that deals with difficult cases.

I’m always recommending Andro as a Shaman and Healing Practitioner who is extremely unconventional, with abilities that are so different and yet so definite and beyond doubt. So I’m recommending, to anyone who suffers, no matter from what condition, to go ahead and experience his abilities and the results.

T.K. – Ontario, Canada, 2011

Recurring Cancer Support

17 years ago, I was diagnosed with severe breast and lymph cancer. I underwent a long series of chemo and radiation treatments, after which I was convinced it was all behind me. However, like everyone who has gone through this, I had to take a Mammography test every year.

This year I went to the usual examination and I was promptly summoned to the hospital and was told that something looked wrong and that I needed to do a Mammotomy, which is a much more invasive procedure. Before doing the procedure, I showed the Mammography test results to my oncologist. She looked at the results and told me “forget about the Mammotomy test, it’s only done to legitimize the rest, let’s talk directly with the surgeon, cut off the breasts and make you new ones”, as if everything was already mapped out, “forget about chemo, this time we’re doing radiation, surgery, amputation and reconstruction”.

Even though she said it all with half a smile, as if the difficult part was already behind me, something didn’t feel right to me and I decided to call Andro, whom I knew through friends and who had also helped in the past with severe back pains. He told me he would do a Remote Healing Session that same night and will update me in the morning.

Indeed, he called me the next morning and told me that he looked, saw, worked and felt that the problem was over. However, like he always says, the medical test still had to be done in order to validate his work.

When he called me again, I was in the car with a friend, on my way to the Mammotomy test. He said: “Look, there is no tumor. I’m certain the tumor is gone. Do the test calmly and let me know afterwards.” I did the test, and everybody was convinced they would find a tumor but although the doctor probed and probed, she couldn’t find anything. Nevertheless, she took out a part and sent it to the lab, and to everyone’s astonishment there was nothing in my breast. Nothing at all!

When I went to see the oncologist again, she couldn’t believe it. She sent me to redo the Mammography and compared the two results. What was clearly visible in the previous test from two weeks ago was simply no longer there. There was, of course, tremendous joy!

As far as I’m concerned, this is a miracle. I don’t know what else to call it. Andro laughs when I call it “Hoole-Boole”, but this is an amazing healing ability, that I have encountered more than once.

Since then, I know he helped other people that I know, and I know that I will refer more people to him. I hope that I won’t need it myself, but I’m proud of what happened and that’s all there is to it.

As a “rational” human being, dealing with the so-called “Hardcore” aspects of life, working with management and marketing strategies, I am definitely not one of those “airy-fairy” types. But it works, and one does not argue with what works. Period.

O. Engel – Ramat Gan, Israel, 2009

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