The Fiat Flu

The following was originally written as an email to Peter McCormack, the host of “What Bitcoin Did” podcast to highlight the parallels between studying Bitcoin and Health. Later it turned into an article.

The Approach to exploring Bitcoin is one of modesty and humbleness. It’s an absolute necessity to approach Bitcoin with such a state of mind, because trying to approach it with preconceived notions and from a Fiat-induced framework usually results in misunderstanding the entire concept of Bitcoin.
I’d like to use the same analogy to describe what I’ve learned about viruses, vaccines and the origin of illnesses in the past 12 years, and more intensely during the past 12 months.
We Are Living In A World of Narratives. The dominant narratives are usually occupying the minds of society, regardless whether the narratives are sound or ill. The dominant narratives are just that – dominant narratives. They are not necessarily correct, accurate, truthful, healthy or helpful. They are just dominant.
The Dominant Narrative Today Is: There is a new virus trying to infect and kill the world’s population, while scientists and governments are doing their best to fight it off with vaccines (allegedly, the “only” way to fight viruses).
As dominant as this narrative is, it doesn’t make it truthful or accurate. I’d like to introduce another narrative to which I’ve got exposed about 8 months ago and I suggest to approach it with the same state of mind we approach our studies of Bitcoin – by being open minded and humble.

So here we go…

The Idea that germs or some microscopic pathogens infect the body, replicate there and attempt to kill it, has been a dominant narrative in medicine since the 18th century. It’s called “Germ Theory”. The problem with this theory is that it was never experimentally proven to be correct. Yes, there are many institutions built around it and a few generations of scientists working hard to explore this theory and to present us with increasingly complex explanations of its inner workings. But it does not mean that this theory is correct or helpful for understanding and explaining the phenomenon of illness.

An Analogy: There are institutions built around Fiat money and Keynesian monetary theories, and while the whole world is seemingly living in this Fiat money paradigm, it still fails to accurately explain the phenomenon of poverty, and even less to eradicate poverty at a time when our collective productivity is at all-time high. As Bitcoiners, we start to realize that the existence of these institutions does not prove the correctness of their theories. They are rather proof of despair, as the modern monetary “scientists” have to work harder and harder to keep the Fiat money charade afloat.

In The Same Way, the modern medical establishment has to constantly invent new terms, come up with increasingly complicated “scientific” language and raise more and more money for research, for health insurance schemes, for the promotion of more harmful drugs which in turn create new exotic diseases, at which we have to keep throwing even more money to invent more drugs to “treat” them. They have to keep doing that, because stopping what they’re doing would mean acknowledging their errors and their uselessness. Yet, people are becoming more and more ill, both in their bodies and in their minds, despite the “progress” of modern medicine.

Additionally: People are becoming reliant on addictive drugs (opiates for example) and on the “expert” recommendations of doctors, relinquishing all responsibility over their own health and their own bodies. The picture is not a pretty one, when we see an obese person, barely able to articulate a semi-intelligent idea, drinking sugary drinks, wearing a mask and screaming that someone else is not “following science” and therefore is going to harm them somehow. It’s a cacophony of absurd theatrics, promoted by the heavily politicized modern medicine establishment.

The Good News: Not all health professionals are on board with this insanity. Just like not all people are on board with the Fiat game, going into the Bitcoin world as to a safe haven from the insanity of the Fiat world. I’m drawing the parallel with Bitcoin on purpose, because whoever did an honest job studying Bitcoin, knows the challenges of studying something that is so contrary to the commonly accepted paradigm. It requires persistence, it requires articulating reasonable questions and seeking genuine answers. And once we understand Bitcoin, we can draw a comparison between the two systems and choose one over the other. It is the same with health. Only after studying the less popular approaches to health, can we perform an informed comparison, draw our own conclusions and eventually choose one over the other – or use the best parts of each, discarding the bad parts. 
A Few Key Concepts: I will refrain from using the word “science”, as this word has lost any meaning. These key concepts are part of a framework which explains sickness and our relationship with microorganisms in a more holistic way. At the end of this article I’ll reference a few materials explaining all this better than I am able to.
What is a Virus? It is not “alive”, it doesn’t have consciousness, it does not have cells as other living beings do. It’s a protein being, created in our own cells. Just that. A particle created by our own bodies, in response to a threat. We can call the same particle by many different names – a virus, an exosome, a protein or a jingle-mingle. It’s of no consequence how the same thing is called by different people. It’s essential to follow the function of this particle, not its name. 
Germ Theory alleges that this virus particle is transmissible from one person to another and that it is harmful. However, the framework of the Koch Postulates which was designed to prove Germ Theory, showed that the theory is not correct. Isolating a virus from a sick person and mechanically transmitting it to another person did not make another person sick in several experiments. Contagion through viral transmission is a myth. Sadly, this information has been buried in the annals of history, but luckily there are doctors who dig up this information, study it and share their findings.

Enter Terrain Theory: Terrain Theory, roughly speaking, explains that sickness appears in humans who are exposed to toxins/pollutants from the environment, be it from their air, water, food, mental and emotional spaces. If people are exposed to toxicity, they become sick. If many people in the same area are becoming sick, it does not implicitly mean there is a virus spreading among them. Terrain Theory proposes that they may all have been exposed to similar pollutants. If a well in a village is poisoned, many people in the village will become sick. If the air is highly polluted in one area, those living in this area will be afflicted with sickness. If many are being injected with poisonous chemicals (such as flu shots which contain mercury and formaldehyde, for example), many will fall sick. There are doctors who dismiss such claims without doing a proper investigation of these cases, which is negligence and malpractice on their part.

IF we are eating diets which are depleted of necessary nutrients (junk food, sugary drinks, processed foods, GMO crops), many of us will face the same malnutrition problems at the same time and in the same place, causing the deterioration of our organisms and subsequent sickness. You don’t have to be a doctor to understand that if you starve your body of what it needs, you’ll get sick, which in turn will be a natural signal that you are harming yourself and that you should change your ways. Terrain Theory is a framework, it doesn’t claim to be the supreme truth. But those doctors who recognize its core principles to be accurate and act upon them, succeed in treating their patients without involving highly sophisticated medicines. On the contrary, these doctors often treat the patients by getting them off their prescribed medicines.

There is an Ancient Saying: “The doctor dresses the wound, but Nature heals it”. To correctly administer the treatment, the doctor has to first recognize that it is in fact the body that heals itself, after the doctor does what Nature cannot always do. Accidental injuries are good examples. The job of the doctor is to realign the broken bones or dress an open wound, but the ultimate healing will be done by the body, as it knows how to heal. If the doctor receives a patient with severe flu symptoms, he should investigate the cause of poisoning and if absolutely needed, perform a possible treatment for such poisoning or administer some treatment of relief, calming, encouraging and teaching the patient what the sickness is and that after the cleansing, the patient will be healed. The body will do the rest, if the poisoning is not fatal.
Now Back to Toxins & Pollutants: The immune system has a few levels of protection against pollutants. If the pollutant enters our system through the digestive tract, we will vomit it out or have diarrhea – both are rapid attempts of the body to expel pollutants, whatever they may be. Alcohol poisoning is a simple example. If you drink too much, you’ll vomit out the substance that is intoxicating you. The rest of the alcohol toxicity will be cleansed through the liver and through the kidneys. Note, vomiting or diarrhea are symptoms of cleansing/healing, not of sickness. Let’s take it further – coughing, sneezing and sweating are all mechanical procedures of the body to expel pollutants/toxins. They too are symptoms of cleansing, not of sickness.
Next: Bacteria, which are simple organisms living in a symbiotic relationship with human bodies. In nature, bacteria decomposes dead matter into smaller and smaller primitive particles. Human bodies deploy a vast array of bacteria to decompose dead cells killed by poisoning. One of the explanations of fever that I’ve heard states that certain bacterial growth is stimulated by higher temperatures in the body. The body needs the bacteria to decompose poisoned and dead cells before elimination, so it raises the temperature to promote the growth of the said bacteria. Once the job of the bacteria is done, the temperature goes back to its normal level and the bacteria dies off, as its job is finished. Blood flow will then remove the remaining debris through the kidneys, turning it into urine and expelling it all from the body. So, the appearance of bacteria is not a symptom of sickness, but a sign of cleansing/healing. Once again, I’m describing the first principles here, not a complete explanation, as I believe it to be more complex and nuanced in reality. 
Next: Viruses. There are pollutants that cannot be removed from our body through the previously described ways, due to excessive toxicity. Bacteria die when exposed to these pollutants, so it’s not effective in this case. So the body has to employ another layer of protection: a non-living particle (a virus) which cannot be killed by the pollutant. A virus or a protein is a custom made particle, produced by our own cells which can attach itself to a pollutant and remove it from the body. Once again, it’s a generalized description, I’m not getting into chemical intricacies here. But the first principle is – our body generates particles specifically designed according to a specific pollutant present in the body. That’s the reason why there are hundreds of thousands of “viruses” or of their “variants”, because there are hundreds of thousands of elements toxic to our bodies. Viruses are just little particles, able to attach themselves to a variety of pollutants in our system and help the body remove those pollutants.

Non Existent Transmission: If a person is able to isolate a virus and then transmit it to another person (spray it in the mouth of another person, for example), it won’t do anything harmful to the other person. The body will simply recognize it as another external piece of debris and will get rid of it, just as we get rid of food remnants entering our system. If, however, the virus is not purified and isolated and what is being transmitted from one person to another is not only the virus, but also the pollutant, then the body of the other person will react to the pollutant and will start to generate a similar protein (“virus”) to get rid of the newly introduced toxin. A good example would be blood transfusion – there might be toxins in the donors’ blood which will enter the recipient’s body, causing poisoning sickness which will result in the recipient’s body producing these protein particles. A similar “virus” might be present in both the donor and the recipient, but the “virus” is not the cause of the sickness.

An Analogy from a Book: When you see firefighters being present whenever there are fires appearing in the city, do you assume the firefighters are the cause of the fires? Or are the firefighters there because it is their job to extinguish the fires? The same applies to viruses and bacteria – if they are present in our bodies, their presence should not be confused with the source of sickness, because they are there for cleansing and healing, just like firefighters are at the fire sites to extinguish fires.

Fun Fact: Classical schools of medicine from all around the world, like Chinese, Indian, Arab, Native American schools, do not have concepts of contagion or viral infections. And it’s not because they were dumb or lacked a microscope. Their schools are hundreds and thousands of years old, and they were able to identify sicknesses or signs of disorder by observing the vital signs and rhythms in the patient, like pulse and colour tone of one’s skin, or the presence of abnormalities on the tongue or in the eyes. Their observations and diagnostic mechanisms were much closer to the patient’s body than today’s medicine, that for some reason has to use mechanical or electronic devices, which are just another barrier between the doctor and the patient on the road of information transmission.

Anyways, the Point is: For thousands of years humanity has lived, prospered, created fabulous artefacts, cathedrals, monumental buildings and pieces of art, relying on medicinal schools without the concepts of viruses, and all was fine. The fact is – we are here, aren’t we? Our ancestors were healthy enough to produce us and the societal achievements that we inherited from them, all without trying to prevent the transmission of diseases through vaccination.

Severe Cases of Sickness and Complications – They are often caused by meddling with our natural immune system. If the body needs do deploy bacteria in order to decompose our dead cells and we introduce antibiotics which kill that bacteria, we are essentially interfering with our natural healing processes and sabotaging our natural defences. The dead cells cause even more toxicity to our bodies, thus deteriorating our health even more. If we try to reduce the fever, we are effecting the same self sabotage. Introducing other chemical medicines brings more toxicity into the body, poisoning it even more. I’m not claiming there are no medicines that help, but I do say there are medicines that not only interfere with our natural healing processes, but also bring in more toxicity, which makes us sick even more.

The Doctors who cling to Germ Theory may state that the medicines were ineffective or insufficient, without realizing that they did more harm than good by introducing those medicines. It is a known feature of humans to proclaim their supremacy over nature, especially when they stick to their doctoral degrees, theatrical white robes, etc. rather than sticking to the first principle: “First do no harm”. But the simple fact is – nature is way smarter and adaptive than those university graduates. Speaking from a “survival-of-the-species” perspective, if there was any benefit to doctoral degrees, then nature would be attending university classes by now! But it isn’t, probably because it is not a survival necessity for nature. It already knows how to operate, to sustain life in its optimal condition.

On a Personal Note: When I myself feel sick with flu-like symptoms, cold, winter (sun deficiency) sicknesses, or whatever we chose to call it, I simply give myself time to rest and my body time to do what it needs to do. There is fever and sometimes a throat ache, runny nose, etc. which usually climaxes in one night of extreme sweating (expelling toxins), nightmares and crazy mental images (expelling toxic narratives and incoherent, poisonous ideas). The next morning I still feel weak, but already much better. The next day I feel refreshed and strong again. The healing/detoxification process is complete. That’s what flu is – a necessary detox. We should not confuse the healing process with sickness and we should not intervene in the natural processes of healing, assuming we know better than our bodies what our bodies need. I used to take all kinds of medicines years ago, but I gradually stopped, when my understanding of natural healing processes improved.
Please Note: I am not generalizing here about all possible diseases. I talk about most common detox processes (called flu), which have became outlawed, stigmatized and misrepresented through the modern medicine institutions. It came to a point that people are ashamed of sneezing or to say that they feel sick (have the flu). In short, people became ashamed of their own natural healing processes. Now, that is a serious sickness in our society – when the good, natural thing is called “wrong” and the bad, toxic stuff is called “science”. 
Next: Vaccines. As viruses themselves are not harmful, purifying the virus, weakening it and injecting it into a person’s bloodstream cannot induce any “immunity” against the virus. It may be a good idea in the framework of Germ Theory, but since this theory is flawed and reality does not work as this theory suggests, the vaccines are useless at best. At worst, they introduce a lot of toxicity and make you sick. This is considered a “normal” response to a vaccine, but it is what it is – a normal detoxification of the body when a new pollutant, contained within the vaccine, is being introduced into the body. Now, there are numerous studies suggesting that vaccines have eradicated some diseases, but correlation is not causation. Assuming people heal naturally, both individually and in groups, when the pollutant is not present in their environment any longer, claiming that their healing was caused by the vaccines or that vaccines prevented them from being sick in the first place is an error of observation.

Many vaccine studies are downright fraudulent,
misconstruing the research data to paint a favourable picture of the vaccine miracle. A few books go in detail about particular diseases and how their origin is both not viral/bacterial and their cure was never a vaccine or some other medicine. Again, I’m not claiming all vaccines are bad. Some of them might paradoxically work as placebo, changing the state of mind of a person that got the jab from despair and fear to calm and a feeling of being protected. After all, our state of mind plays a big part in our general health and well-being. 

The Real Virus: Once we realize that our bodies know how to heal naturally, the statement “There is a virus that wants to kill us all, and we must sacrifice our economy, liberties, livelihood and individual responsibility to fight against it” sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory with no basis in reality, and yet it is promoted by all media networks in an orchestrated manner. The “coronavirus” does not spread as some “scientists” claim, but the idea of it indeed became contagious and infiltrated the minds of so many. Now, that is the real sickness, that is the real “virus” in the popular sense of the word. In my personal view, this is the real danger to us all. The flu won’t kill us, but the crazy people believing that their fellow humans might kill them just by standing next to them, demanding mandatory injections of “who knows what’s in those rapidly developed jabs”, public shaming of those who truly understand healing and eventually to concentration (sorry, quarantine) camps where healthy people with sound minds are being treated like criminals, just because they don’t fall under the spell of this mind virus. In psychiatry there is a term for this disorder. It’s called Germophobia. It’s a real affliction of the mind, when people believe that invisible germ enemies are there to kill them, although in reality there aren’t any. 
In my Personal Journey I have studied Ayurveda (Indian) medicine and then later read a lot of books on psychology, hypnotic therapy and NLP – all for personal development and out of curiosity. A lot of the hypnotic techniques and NLP tricks are used in the broadcasting of this current propaganda. I can see their methods very clearly. And that is a very clear sign – their intentions are dark and malicious. But that is another topic…
Now to the References: I warmly recommend to read a few books and watch a few interviews which expand on the framework I have presented here. Some of them were either censored or shadow banned. These books and videos advocate learning, observation of natural phenomena and taking personal responsibility. Hardly harmful concepts. If they are censored, it should tell us something about the censors. Additionally, there have been several smear campaigns against the authors of these books and papers and massive purges from YouTube and other social media channels. If there is so much pressure to censor authors who promote clarity, reason and are open to peer reviews and open debates, it should indicate the wrongdoings of the censoring party. In short, if you see some fact checking pop up next to a video or a book, don’t dismiss the content. I’ve seen people deciding if the book is good or not, based on fact check pop ups and information published by smear campaigns. It truly says a lot about a person’s intelligence, when he/she does not engage in real study, just because some self-proclaimed “authority” has labelled this material as “false” (whatever that means, nowadays).
To Conclude: On some level, it feels like our collective mind, consciousness or whatever we may call it is going trough a necessary cleansing and detoxification process. The human species came to a point when it’s saying: “Enough is enough”. For the past few centuries, we have been intoxicated with poisonous concepts, we’ve been fed lies about our own bodies and our own natural abilities, and now it’s finally time to sweat it all out and come out clean and strong out of this entire “World Flu”. Getting some much needed clarity, educating ourselves and acknowledging that our healing was always in our own hands – this is the way to go.

Just as Bitcoin makes it possible for people to actually OWN their own Wealth, Natural Medicine makes it possible for people to OWN their own Health!

Happy Detox, Everyone!
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