Infinite Degrees of Right

Our dualistic perception demands that one side always prevails over another. You cannot be good and bad at the same time, right? You cannot be simultaneously happy and sad, is it not? And if you are right about something, then someone else MUST be wrong, wouldn’t you agree?

Pretty simple, right?

Most conflicts and arguments arise from the premise that in any given debate, only one side can be right while the other must necessarily be wrong. This idea is deeply rooted in our collective subconscious due to centuries of indoctrination into a dualistic world view that has divided us in more ways than can be counted.

The concept of separateness and division has done us an immense disservice, wreaking havoc on personal connections as well as fuelling the worst atrocities that mankind has managed to inflict upon itself for millennia of recorded history.

The fact that Sciences, Religions and a plethora of Spiritual Teachings all point towards a singular origin of our entire reality, makes this idea all the more ludicrous and frustrating; they are all saying the same thing, but still manage to fight over it! How insane is that?

You may be thinking to yourself; “This all sounds very nice, but how does it relate to the very important argument that I’m currently having with my spouse / child / parent / neighbour? I’m pretty sure that I’m right about how [insert any subject] should be done!!”

Well, to put it in the simplest words possible; for you to be right, NO ONE else needs to be wrong.


You can stop your internal dialog.

Your point might be more valid or hold more merit, but it doesn’t make your “opponent” wrong. It just makes them a bit less… right. It’s a continuum, not a polarity. That’s all.

Philosophically (and therefore, practically) speaking, two seemingly opposing perspectives can coexist simultaneously without any contradiction across the same continuum. And yet, we are somehow programmed to see this single continuum as divided into ‘opposing polarities’.

This peculiar phenomenon, often seen as a paradox, is in fact the stuff which our entire Reality Construct is founded on. Everything that can be perceived, sprung out of a primordial Unity! Whether you call it the Big Bang, the Breath of God, Source Code or Origin, it matters not; they are all one and the same.

This may seem as taking this simple concept of right & wrong a bit too far, but it only goes to show how essential this perspective is to our entire world view.

It touches everything.

While it seems that Duality is an essential mechanism in the world of forms and appearances, it is nothing more than a divisive agent, constantly twisting and eroding our connection to our true nature. Deeply reconsidering our concepts of “right” and “wrong” is a significant step on The Path of Return to a more unified perception.

Adopting the idea of ‘Infinite Degrees of Right’ doesn’t call for an ego trip and it doesn’t mean we can now look down on everyone around us and feel like some sort of higher authority. On the contrary, it can and should be a means to become liberated from the constant and mostly self-imposed need to prove and justify ourselves through perpetual conflict and a false sense of superiority.

In the classic example of the thermometer, what is being measured is neither ‘heat’ nor ‘cold’, only temperature. No one can say exactly where ‘cold’ ends and ‘hot’ begins. What one perceives as ‘comfortably warm’, another may perceive as ‘slightly chilly’. Who’s right? And who’s wrong?


On the scale of the reality continuum, there are no polarities and only one thing is ‘measured’. While the degrees may differ, the scale remains the same.


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