I’m going to share a rather awesome ‘trick’ here, but one must be very careful if attempting this. Also, it’s definitely not for tourists/beginners. And even if one is very well trained in this sort of navigation, one can still get ‘lost’.

Here’s what you have to do if you wish to ‘jump’ to a different/parallel reality and stay there (‘there’ doesn’t have to be too different – there are realities with only relatively small alterations that you might enjoy exploring):

1. Train yourself to ‘wake up’ in a lucid dream.

2. Explore the reality you find yourself in. See if you like it. If not, you can always ‘jump’ elsewhere.

3. If the alternative reality is to your liking, simply find a quiet place (preferably with a bed) and GO TO SLEEP right there.

4. When you wake up, you wake up in the same (alternate) reality that you went to sleep in. The general ‘rule’ is that you always wake up in the same reality where you last went to sleep. However, there are some exceptions to this ‘rule’.

 If you ‘die’ in the alternative reality, you wake up in the reality where you initially went to sleep. In other words, dying makes you wake up in your ‘base reality’ again. So, going to sleep ‘there’ & then waking up (also ‘there’) completes/stabilizes the jump, but ‘dying there’ brings you right ‘back to base’.

6. This way, you can have full lifetimes of experiences in other realities, while only moments pass in your ‘base reality’. When you die ‘there’, you wake up ‘at base’. I myself have had several lifetimes in alternate realities, some even lasting 50 years or more.

7. However, certain realities do not have the ‘die-back-to-base’ function. You may not ‘return to base’ after ‘dying there’. There have been, throughout occult history, cases of ‘jumpers’ disappearing from the beds they went to sleep in, never to be seen again. In future posts, I will share some guidelines on how to easier recognize such ‘traps’ , so people don’t accidentally fall asleep there…

8. The above actions have to be performed in full awareness/consciousness. There are however occurrences when people ‘wake up from sleep’ while still in a dream (it feels very real) and then wake up again in their ‘base reality’. Those aren’t conscious ‘jumps’ and usually don’t last very long, by reason of not consciously ‘going to sleep’ in the alternative reality.

Still, sometimes there are little ‘holes’ or ‘blackouts’ in continuity and you may still have a full alternative lifetime without consciously going to sleep ‘there’ first – but this is quite rare.

9. We are all unconsciously ‘jumping realities’ ALL THE TIME, both during ‘sleep’ and in our ‘waking state’. Whenever it happens, the entire history of the ‘new’ reality is being rendered as actual memory, replacing all ‘previous’ memory sets/databases, and we usually never even notice the slightest difference (perhaps a little Déjà-Vu sometimes). It feels like it has always been like that. Most of the time(s), however, the changes are relatively minor and there’s not a lot of history or memory data to re-render, relatively speaking. Major unconscious jumps are extremely rare.

10. Conscious minor jumps (in what is commonly accepted as the ‘waking’ state) can be performed by very few highly trained initiates. This is made possible by the fully & consciously internalized realization that ALL is a dream & NOTHING is real, and therefore reality-jumping becomes a matter of merely ‘blinking’ with just the right dose of expertly fine-tuned intent. Such (relatively) minor ‘jumps’ are a significant key to ‘magic’ or to otherwise ‘inexplicable’ phenomena.

Don’t try this at home 🙂

PS: The term ‘Base Reality’ is used here in a relative way, referring to what one currently regards as his/her ‘waking’ reality, from which the process is initiated.

So-called ‘base realities’ can and do fluctuate.


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