A Very Special Testimonial

This email was sent to us by a person who attended our Seminars in the summer of 2017 at Kovatchevitsa, Bulgaria. We were deeply moved by these words and have decided to post it here instead of the testimonials page due to its length. The author wished to remain nameless and so it shall be.

Shamanic Vision Seminar Testimonial

This is probably going to be my first and last soul exhibitionism. I’m not used to sharing my deep experiences or anything about myself out loud with the crowd. This is why I’d like to go half way and keep myself anonymous…

All my life I’ve been told that I have an impossible temper, too wild a character and that the words I say are so mean and hurting, that people run away from me because I’m scary. I’ve been told that there are some things I just have to cope with or adapt to… But I never did adapt nor cope. I always felt like a wild animal in a cage made of iron thorns sticking out and penetrating my skin, causing me emotional pain and keeping me in a constant frustration. Failing to have lasting relationships and fights with my family were my everyday life. Some of my family members even banished me from their lives when I was only a teenager and needed support the most.

This enormous inability to reach and communicate with people, turned me to look for the problems in the place most people don’t dare to look – into myself. I studied communications, I spend thousands on courses to find out how to deal and shape myself so I can become bearable for the surrounding social circle of friends and family. I was absolutely sure I’m a monster that needs to be domesticated to have some peace and love at home… The courses didn’t help much. I went with the hopes to find a cure for my wildness and inability to be loved and what I found were taught strategies and tricks on “How to sell yourself“.

“I don’t want to goddamn sell myself! I want to fix myself!” I said… I was deeply disappointed. The only thing that comforted me after spending all this time and energy on the “Sell-yourself-out” courses was this small reassurance on the practical side of things that in the future what was taught there might come in handy for some professional ventures… By last year, I had almost lost all motivation to continue this search for a method to fix myself until I was sent information about the Shamanic Vision seminars …

Something in me was absolutely sure I was going to try this. “Fuck it!” I said, “There’s no certificate, the information is so abstract, I get dizzy by just reading through the first paragraph but I’ll be trying this out!”  So I went to the seminars held by Hermetic Vision. And ever since then I’ve been through the best roller-coaster ride of my life! It is the roller-coaster ride into myself.

I feel I’m on the path to finding The Great Love of my life through completely trusting it all and it is not in a human being, it is not in my family, it is not a place, and it is what we are all made of. It is what heals us, what can make us love ourselves and love everyone else without even trying and without any condition or judgment. It is where true love lies, beyond the ego and pretense, beyond the mere appearances and experiences here. And if the pain, I’ve endured through all my life, the loneliness, the failures, and the damages are what brought me to these seminars, I don’t regret a thing! It is not the happy and satisfied who want to find what lies beyond… So if the immense pain and the nightmare experiences along with dissatisfaction, loneliness and constantly feeling misunderstood are what I had to go through to come to this turn point, then it is finally worth it all. It is worth it all!


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