Andro’s Teachings and Methodology

“We are different on the surface, we are one thing at the core”

At the heart of Andro’s teachings and the prime motive of his decades-long research, is the primordial emotion of longing. Longing to be unified once more and regain true self-awareness.

This feeling is not unique to Andro, many of us share it and usually sum it up as; “There must be more to life than this,” or, “something is not right with this picture.” However, most of us also tend to leave it at that, arguing to ourselves that reality is too complex to comprehend and besides; the kids… the job… the weather… etc.

What makes Andro’s story stand out, are the depths he was willing to dive into in order to retrieve answers that are actually useful for himself and others who wish to liberate from the restrictive experience of our current Reality.


“Reality is one big orgy of narratives”

Our world is not as solid as it may appear. In fact, it is created, shaped and manipulated by stories and narratives. Once a story is repeated enough times and adopted by enough people, it crystalizes into “common knowledge” and eventually becomes an accepted “truth”.

If we accept them at face value without ever challenging them, these narratives will become what we perceive as our identity, blocking us from seeing what we really are. Yes, narratives are extremely powerful but luckily for us, they are not invincible.


“The Solution is Dissolution”

As Andro’s research and understanding of our Reality continued, he started noticing a reoccurring theme. It has become apparent to him that many of the people that are on a similar path to his own, tend to fall into one particular trap.

Even the most brilliant and profound thinkers, are trying to “solve” the riddles of life by adding their own stories into the enormous pile of narratives that has accumulated over the millennia. Although understandable, this line of reasoning creates more confusion and adds even more complexity to a Reality that is already saturated with conflicting ideas.

Being the contrarian that he is and following the Alchemical principles he was studying, Andro realized that arriving to a conclusion of any matter, on any scale, will be easier and simpler by first eliminating everything that the matter is NOT.

A simple example of this principle would be the process of gold extraction. The gold that is found in the earth is inherently pure, we do not need to manufacture it or add anything to it. However, gold is accompanied by other “narratives,” such as silver, copper and various minerals. By dissolving and removing all these excess materials, we will eventually end up with nothing but the purest of gold.

This is a powerful method that can be applied in every aspect of our lives, be it our mental processes, emotional and physical healing or even cracking the greatest metaphysical mysteries. 

This principle can be further illustrated by another one of Andro’s quotes:

“There is no need to turn on the sun, we merely have to remove the clouds”



“A true teacher is only a reminder of what you already know, just as a true healer is only a trigger of your own healing process”

As time progressed, Andro kept deciphering deeper and deeper layers of our reality, using his sharp logical reasoning and the initiations that came in dreams, visions, out-of-body experiences and everyday events. As is often the case when one reveals such profound understandings, an urge to share and pass-on what he found began to develop within him.

His path as a presenter of knowledge started with lectures and courses on basic subjects such as Astrology and the Shamanic healing methods he developed. However, his true passion was always in conveying the pure principles of our reality and how they apply to our everyday lives.

From these initial experiences of being in front of a crowd and playing the role of a “teacher,” a paradoxical notion emerged. It has become clear to him that you cannot really teach anyone anything, rather, one can best learn by going through a process of un-learning. In other words, we already know everything that we need, and just as in the example of gold, our real work is to expel and remove the stories, the programs and the narratives that obfuscate our inner knowing.

Over the long years of working with both individuals and groups, Andro has perfected the art of creating a comfortable atmosphere in which people feel safe to be challenged, let go of old ideas and absorb novel perspectives. When that happens, the Magick of true learning can begin and information can flow effortlessly on all levels, satisfying both the logical and the intuitive parts of our brains. 


“Coherence and Clarity are essential precursors to Liberation”  


Liberation from the restrictive and cyclical nature of our Reality Construct, is the path on which Andro has been walking since his proverbial “awakening”. We all go through many life cycles in this system and at some point, saturation of experience is inevitable. The game that was once enticing, exciting and fun, loses its appeal and the longing to return to our true form, becomes harder and harder to ignore.

Unfortunately, longing for liberation is by itself not enough. Fortunately, the “work” that is required of us is surprisingly simple. It can be challenging and even uncomfortable at times but there are no complicated rituals, elaborate dietary practices or a specific belief we need to follow. As mentioned above, shedding these complications is what its actually all about.

The more we unburden ourselves from stories, traumas and programs, the more coherent our mind will become and the clearer our path to Liberation will be. It is also worth noting that Liberation does not require any special skills or sensitivities, it is not reserved for the super-psychic or the unusually intelligent among us.

Anyone can employ the principles that Andro has uncovered to whatever end they deem right. Whether it’s to improve your life’s circumstances while still here or to fully liberate from this reality, the same basic concepts apply. 


“In essence, our Reality is a Finite Dream of an Infinite Being”


We all have certain beliefs about how our reality comes to be, how it functions and what purpose does it serve. None of these concepts can be labelled as Truth, for the simple reason that absolute truth cannot be conveyed with words.

The moment we open our mouth, whatever comes out of it is subject to our own unique perception and therefore, can only be our limited angle of the whole story. The Truth, in its purest form, is silent.

Knowing this and finding no satisfaction with any of the existing theories or creation stories, Andro concluded that he has no choice but to develop a model of his own.

Obviously, such an enormous undertaking did not materialize overnight. It took over three decades for Andro’s insights, initiations and epiphanies to converge together into a single, coherent model that he was comfortable enough to publicly share.  

In early 2023, Andro gave birth to his model in The Secret Fire seminar. Over the course of 9 weekends, he has laid down a clear and concise map to the most fundamental mechanics of our Dream Reality Construct. It is a journey through the entire spectrum of our existence, from the eternal loop of Infinity & Finality, all the way down to simple methods and practices we can implement on our path to Liberation.

Or in the words of one participant:


“The Secret Fire is an event happening on many levels. It gives answers, it gives depth, it gives direction, it gives purpose, it gives meaning. It gives you a perspective to sift through the informational garbage and not feel lost in a world of illusion. The Secret Fire will take you as far as you dare to go.”




“Your path is private, unique and personal, but it doesn’t mean you have to walk it alone”

Our Dream Reality Construct is a paradoxical playing field with an almost endless spectrum of possible experiences. From the most wonderful and uplifting to the worst and most horrific one can imagine. Millions upon millions of narratives are competing for our attention, devouring our life-force by means of division, seduction and even abuse. It is a harsh reality that can easily overwhelm us and make us feel small, lonely and insignificant.

Our journey through these stormy waters is one that we have to figure out for ourselves, no one can walk in our shoes but us. That being said, the company of like-minded, compatible and trustworthy individuals, is the true Precious.

People with whom we can forge a true bond that is based in Telos, nurtured with honest communication and backed with genuine caring for one another are the most valuable asset we can ever hope to have.

At some point along his path, Andro met and joined forces with his now long-time companions, Adam and Algis. The three of us quickly realized we have much more in common than meets the eye and the foundations of House Lorian have been anchored into reality.

Since 2008, we’ve been walking a joined path, learning how to combine our individual skills and talents into a force that is greater than its separate parts. Through internal discussions, Alchemical research and a variety of seminars we have produced, we are constantly refining our comprehension of ourselves and of the dream that we all inhabit.

Our ultimate goal is to liberate completely from the Dream, but as long as we are here, we feel that making this knowledge public will have immense value to others who are on similar paths.

Our ground-breaking materials are now easily accessible right here on Liberate Life, edited for clarity and available for you to absorb at your own pace, in the comfort of your home.


“Novelty cannot be explained, it must be experienced”

Please note: Covering ALL of Andro’s teachings, practices and methods in a single article, is virtually impossible. This is why we offer over 45 hours of recorded seminars on three different topics; it is a vast and rich world. This article is meant to serve as a window into that world and we invite you to step through the door whenever you feel ready.



Andro’s 1X1 Sessions

1 X 1 sessions with Andro are currently still available, although he plans to retire in the near future, dedicating himself to Alchemical research and Lucidity enhancing practices.

In his magical tool-box, Andro holds a small number of highly effective methods to assist with any need. Whether it’s a Shamanic Journey to realign your life’s story, a Custom-made Spell to manifest your dreams or a Counselling Session to cleanse the mind, there’s nothing that cannot be achieved.  

In the past two decades, Andro played a major role in the healing process of thousands of people with impressive results in most cases, and bordering the miraculous in others.

Common side effects of Andro’s approach may include the overall improvement in all areas of life and not just the specific issue that was initially addressed. Be ready for deep, noticeable changes that might take you by surprise.


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