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Solving Problems with Custom Remedy Spells

Around March 2020, as the “Pandemic” was just being rolled out, we had obvious concerns about a potential currency collapse. All our savings were in paper cash or in the bank. So we decided to make our savings more secure by purchasing some Precious Metals (Gold and Silver Coins). As all physical shops were closed, we found an online Gold dealer who appeared to have good reviews. We placed an order for a not-so-small amount (for us) and transferred the “money” via bank transfer.

The stated time of delivery was around 4-6 weeks. Those weeks passed and we did not receive our coins. One more month passed. And another month. Still nothing. Google started showing reviews of angry customers who also put much of their savings into purchasing similar coins. Some threatened to involve the police, the lawyers, etc.

Meanwhile, the dealer did not answer any emails or phone calls. It was becoming a real concern. 4 months had already passed, our money was gone and the package was not delivered. And we were not the only ones who felt scammed.

We turned to the local police. How naïve of us to think they could actually do something. The best reply we got from them was that it could take between a year and a year and a half before they would even look into it.

Then we turned to a lawyer. He sent the dealer a “legal” letter demanding that the goods will be shipped. The dealer, of course, completely ignored the letter, but the lawyer still charged us 800 € for a completely useless letter.

Then we contacted a Private Detective Firm. First thing they wanted, before lifting a single finger, was a 1000 € upfront. Fucking rent extractors!

Then we decided to do something we were reluctant to do in the past, but when the going gets tough… So we decided to use Magick as our Last Resort. Looking back, it should have been the First Resort!

I spent a whole very intense day, crafting a Custom Spell to remedy our problem. When I was finally satisfied, we printed it out. Algis (who placed the order) signed it first, and Adam and myself co-signed as witnesses, with our Sigils and Red Plasma Ink. Then we published it on our website.

On the same evening, right after publishing the Spell, Algis wrote one final email to the dealer, demanding for the merchandise to be sent to us immediately. Surprisingly, he finally replied (the next morning) and said he’ll send it on the same day! What a strange “coincidence”! The package arrived a few days later, after almost 6 months of waiting! After that, The Talented Mr. Algis started getting involved with Bitcoin, and it all went uphill from there.

Below is the phrasing of our Spell. Note the crafty use of Words and Syntax, especially the combination of Magickal & Legal Language, as well as the multidimensional conjugation of verbs in time. Enjoy!

Act & Deed of Just Remedy

As it is worded, so it is created/manifested.

I hereby irreversibly and incontestably proclaim, announce, declare, make known, determine and affix/solidify those things/words as eternally valid, from world (infinite past) to world (infinite future), from the commencement of the beginning of days and until their final end:

There will Rise and be Erected and be Perfected and brought to a Conclusion of Full Repair, Justice, Remedy and Adequate End of Deed, One Hour Before Time, the Act of Transaction between myself, who is signed below, and between —-, who represents —-, or anyone else he may represent.

So Let it Be the Will of All Worlds and their Peoples, that it has already come to pass, that there will have been delivered into my hands and into my full and complete ownership, all the Gold Coins and the Silver Coins, for which I have already lawfully given and paid and transferred the accurate corresponding value and price of exchange, at the proper and agreed time, into the hands of —-, as representing —- or anyone else he may represent, on the day of [Date].

And so it will have been that there will have occurred an immediate cancellation and nullification of all delays, all excuses, all postponements, all suspensions and all misleading issues, including all acts of fraud, whether intentional or unintentional, all of which have their standing as blockers and dividers between the time of due payment and the time of due delivery. So and such has been, is and will be the Will of all the Manifest Worlds of Lies, as well as of the Hidden World of Truth, which is Incorporeal and UN-manifest.

Were it to be that the above-mentioned Story would not reach its Full and Complete Remedy, one hour before those words and things, so let it will have been that the Authority for Justice and for Right Remedy will have been passed and transferred to the Absolutely Impartial Separator of Worlds, whose Dwelling is in No-Man’s Land, in the Heart of In-Between.

I hereby sign, have signed and will have signed on these words and things with my Name, my Blood and my Sigil, on this day of [Date].

Signed: The Hidden Spark of Divine Light in the Form of Algis of House Lorian, whose Sigil is: [SIGIL]

And to Strengthen my Words, are the Living Witnesses:

The Hidden Spark of Divine Light in the Form of Andro of House Lorian, whose Sigil is: [SIGIL]

The Hidden Spark of Divine Light in the Form of Adam of House Lorian, whose Sigil is: [SIGIL]


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