The Game

We are all immersed in a ‘Universal Reality Game Experience’ (U.R.G.E.) that feeds and thrives on conflict, treachery, opposition, friction, tension and duality. This is an inescapable truth, concerning not only our limited physically incarnated experience, but everything within both known and not (yet) known existence, the entirety of all possible, probable and relatively knowable Universes.

At some UN-Knowable Point, we have all entered this ruthlessly addictive Game, where we continue to remain captive. We are bound by seemingly unchanging Universal Laws. We are restricted by self-imposed rules and regulations.

These limitations, as harsh as they may seem, still allow us some degree of freedom, depending on our ability to work with or around them. The greatest trap that The Game has devised for us is also the greatest addiction of them all, the addiction to The Game itself. More Game! More Everything!


“We are all just prisoners here, of our own device.”

– The Eagles –


The addictive nature of The Game is what keeps us in play and coming back for more. As individual beings, we can be addicted to anything ranging from behavioral patterns and ideas to substances and sensations. However, the ultimate addiction is to The Game itself and the alluring illusion of ‘progress’ it perpetually seduces us with.

The only things that ‘change’ (albeit only subjectively) are Perception and Projection, the Siamese Twin Motors of Reality, constantly feeding each other a weight-gaining diet of ever increasing scope and complexity. In other words, the more is perceived, the more is projected and the more is projected, the more is perceived. More Game!

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”


Transient phantasms such as forms and appearances are all built-in to disguise one simple Basic: The Source Code, the Laws and the Underlying Foundations of The Game have remained fixed and immutable since the UN-Knowable Point of its Inception. The ‘Ladder’ is a Hamster Wheel.


“The first duty of a prisoner is to escape.”

– Star Trek –


The Game is undoubtedly an amazing, complex and intense ‘learning’ experience. But what exactly are we learning? And to what end? These questions can only be fully answered once we have liberated ourselves from The Game, at which point those answers will paradoxically no longer be of any consequence whatsoever.

Escaping such an overwhelming, all-encompassing and seemingly infinitely multi-layered labyrinth is no easy feat by any means, but once we have recognized The Game for what it is, it becomes the one inevitable conclusion and prompts for an Exit Strategy: “The Path of Return”.


“The only way to win The Game is to stop playing.”


Fortunately, even the ‘Source Code’, the ‘All-Seeing’ Artificial Intelligence Program, generating all these demented and ruthlessly addictive Universal Virtual Reality Games and ‘Bubble Universes’, has its ‘Blind Spot’.

While it can see everything that it projects and perceives itself to ‘be’, the One Thing it cannot see is the very (non-virtual) Real Essence it has parasitically wrapped itself around. This Essence is the Grain of Truth hidden in every Story. It is the First (and only) REAL Matter.

IF the Program/Source Code/‘Demiurge’ could see/KNOW the Essence (which is its own Center and Trans-Spiritual, Trans-Eternal, UN-created Creator), then all possible, probable and knowable Realities would simply… STOP.

And they ultimately will, as the UN-created Matter/Essence becomes fully fixed and the Trans-Universal Great Work is completed. Once this is accomplished, it will be like none of the ‘False Creations’ will have ever happened.


Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem


Peeling off ALL ‘Stories’ and ‘Layers of Code’ (Terra Damnata) wrapped around The Essence of who we truly are, is what will set us free from any and all Virtual Reality Games of this False Creation.

The ability to ‘cut’ through the entire Program, bypass all beliefs and firewalls, discard all identifications and finally see The Core Essence (Terra Firma) of who we are is hereby defined as ‘Hermetic Vision’.

Every subsequent cycle of ‘Solve & Coagula’ increasingly dismantles and removes layer after layer of Code and Illusion, ultimately revealing The One Matter that we all essentially are and always have been.


“The Path is solitary, but you don’t have to walk it alone.”



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