The Meaning of Being Open

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Being open means losing your virginity at anything you do, again and again.

Being open means putting yourself in a most vulnerable position, sometimes with people you don’t know at all.

Being open means there is a 50/50 chance of being accepted or rejected.

Being open might hurt just as much as it might give pleasure.

Being open will make you enraged with the other, who is not able to cherish you for your openness.

Being open might teach you of the impossible, the improbable or the hard to reach.

Being open will make room for humour and for terror.

Being open will give oxygen to that place in you that is suffocating.

Being open might attract someone only to frighten them if you are too open.

Being open might punish you for your naivety and your good intentions.

Being open means to show yourself in ways even you did not see yourself yet.

Being open is a box full of surprises.

Being open is a pain in the ass.

Being open will mess up someone else’s plans.

Being open does not guarantee there will be a reward in the end.

Being open is a Right-brain activity, while your Left-brain is being left behind to calculate the odds of your success, which you WILL NOT TAKE INTO ACCOUNT while being open.

Being open means going beyond what is known at any given moment.

Being open is not always a two way road.

Being open is considered a unique activity in the eyes of the world.

Being open is like being a Rock Star, a celebrity… Damn, we adore open people… but prefer to watch them from a distance! Try being open, you gonna feel like a Rock Star, with all the benefits… and all the consequences…

Being open comes at a cost, a cost of eventually being open at correctly measured doses.

Being open and mature probably means that most of the time you will be closed or you’ll burn alive.

Being open means that old wounds might reopen, but that’s the only way they ever gonna heal.

Being open means to be a Wounded Healer.

Being open might be called being radical, but it’s their interpretation, not yours. You are just being open.

Being open means projecting Power. It might attract or terrify them. There’s nothing you can do about how it’s going to be perceived.

Being open might not be adored by your mama or your papa… Just saying…

Being open is an awesome activity, until the moment you are getting smashed against the walls of someone who chooses to be closed. That someone might be you, too…

Being open doesn’t give you a license to be an asshole. You might be an asshole while being open, but you will learn not to be, in the future.

Being Open means making mistakes.

Being open has one serious downside – it leaves you fucking open.

On the upside, though – it leaves you fucking open! Yes, you have to read it with a big smile, and then it will make perfect sense.

Being open means being more. More than what you thought you are. More than what others thought you are.

Being open means transforming your apathy into beauty.

Being open is inevitable, if you want to move from point A to point B.

Being Open is inevitable if you wanna move at all.

Being open means you do what needs to be done.

Do I choose to be open? No. I suffocate when I’m closed.

Being Open is inevitable.

Being closed is a choice.

Being open is what it says it is – being open.

Did I write BEING OPEN enough times to remind you to stay open?


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